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Draw Site Plans Yourself By Hand

by janeausten

In order to be able to draw the site plan by hand, a reliable source for the plan view of the area to be draw is first require. Either an up-to-date map of the area from a local office is available, or a route planner from the Internet is use as a template. Once you have found a reliable and, above all, up-to-date template, you can start drawing. First, the building plot should be draw to scale with all correct and relevant area sizes. Next, the entire environment, including traffic routes, can then be draw to the same extent.

A pencil should always be use for the drawing in order to be able to correct any mistakes. Graph paper is also useful for a better overview. When drawing the site plan by hand, a talent for drawing that is at least slightly above average is primarily require. Once the drawing of the building plot and the surrounding area has been draw up, all the necessary written information and details must be include in the drawing in order to complete the site plan accordingly.

Draw a site plan using CAD software

With so-call CAD software (“Computer-Assist Design” or “Computer-aid construction”), a site plan can be creat particularly easily. No drawing talent is require here, since the drawing process is carry out entirely with a computer mouse. All required elements and objects can easily be copy into the site plan and correct or update as desire. In this way, individual elements (e.g. gardens) can be display more realistically and in more detail in the site plan. In addition, some programs allow the site plan to be create in a three-dimensional (3D) view for an even more realistic overview.

If the floor plan drawing for the building plot was also create with the same program beforehand, it is often possible to import the floor plan into the site plan, so that it is no longer necessary to draw in the building plot again. Some programs also offer the user preset positions for the labels in the site plan. All in all, drawing the site plan yourself using computer software is the simpler, more reliable and also more flexible option. The only disadvantage here is the purchase price to be pay for the software.

After the site plan has been draw and label a publicly appoint surveyor (Usasiteplans) can turn the site plan into an official site plan. This can then be use for a building application.

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