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Canada Student Visa Questions Asked By Immigration Officer

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Canada is one of the world’s top higher education countries, attracting thousands of students from all over the world each year. Universities in Canada offer a world-class education that is internationally recognised, and research is considered as one of the most significant components of any graduate degree. Every year, nearly 400,000 foreign students get study visas to study in Canada. It boasts some of the top study programs in the world, as well as some of the best research facilities and academic institutions for foreign students.

Individuals who wish to visit Canada to further their education must get a Canada Student Visa. The application requires candidates to submit an application form as well as the necessary documents. Following the submission of the application, the applicant must pay the necessary visa fee.

Following payment of the visa fee, the application requires applicants to schedule an interview with the Canadian Embassy. The visa interview is the final part of the application procedure that decides whether or not the visa your visa will be accepted. The embassy authorities will ask questions and check the information & documents submitted by the applicants during the visa interview. The majority of these questions are related to the visa category and visa program for which the applicant has applied.

The majority of individuals are concerned about the interview. The key to passing the interview is to be completely honest with the officer. Also, do not appear puzzled when replying; if you do not give confident responses, the officer may reject your application on the assumption that you are unsure of your decision.

You can apply for a student visa by contacting a skilled immigration lawyer in UAE who specialises in getting student visa applications approved. Hiring a professional can increase the likelihood of your application being accepted by the visa officer.

Questions asked during the student visa interview at the Canadian Embassy

Have You Ever Traveled To Canada Before?

If you have, say yes; if you haven’t, say no. There is no use in getting perplexed by this question. If you have already visited Canada, you can provide documentation such as your trip history.

Why Did You Decide To Pursue Your Education in Canada?

Might you discuss your previous studies and future study intentions in Canada in relation to the aim of your trip. You may also be required to explain why you cannot discover something similar in your home country. You may always mention the availability of world-class teaching facilities in Canada as one of the reasons for selecting Canada for higher education.

Which Program Will You Enrol in, and Why?

Make sure you are clear of the start and finish dates of the course. Conduct research to understand the significance of the program and to emphasise its advantages. You can compose a statement that highlights how this particular program will help you improve your career based on your previous studies and experience, as well as your passion for that particular course. You should be well informed about the program to which you are applying.

Why Did You Select That Specific College?

You should be able to highlight the benefits of attending that particular college. Furthermore, you may always highlight the college’s distinct features & the benefits of studying there. 

Have You Applied To Any Other Colleges or Universities?

Be honest and discuss your applications concisely. The Embassy Officer may ask further questions to evaluate your commitment to pursuing your education. You must be truthful; if you have, you can state that you wanted to have choices since you are really committed to studying in Canada and would not want this chance to pass you by.

Who Will Pay For Your Expenses in Canada?

Mention the specifics, depending on whether it is supported by your parents or a bank through a student loan. This question will also validate the information you gave on the visa application form. You can obtain a letter from your sponsor stating that they will cover your expenses.

Do You Have Any Canadian Relatives or Friends?

Respond with a yes or no. Mention your relationship with any relatives you have. If you say no, make sure you say it without hesitancy and demonstrate your willingness to meet new people and make them your friends and family in Canada. Though knowing someone in Canada increases your chances of getting your application accepted.

Will You Be Working in Canada?

If your visa allows you to work while studying, express your desire to work there to advance your career or support yourself; however, if your visa does not allow you to work in Canada, inform the Officer that you do not intend to work there and would like to return once the course is completed. In general, those on student visa can work no more than 20 hours each week. You can inform the officer that if you’re permitted to work part-time, you’ll never exceed the time limit and will follow the regulations.

What Are Your Parents’ Occupations?

This is a frequently requested question by visa officers. They comprehend your intentions with this question. Because a student visa allows you to stay in Canada for a limited time, the officer wants to know if you’ll be returning to your home country or not. You might tell the officer about your relationship with your parents and how you will take care of them when you return.

Based on the applicant’s profile, the officer may ask further questions. Just make sure you answer the questions confidently and truthfully. The officer may or may not ask many questions. Because each visa interview is unique, do not compare yours to others.

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