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When Should You Consider Stone Cladding For Your Building?

by janeausten

When you think about jazzing up your walls to make a statement then you may come across many options. For instance, concrete is used to create an industrial look whereas paint is a great option for giving your walls a vibrant or classic appeal. Other options are wallpapers that invoke the vintage and then there are ceramic tiles which give your walls a unique look. We provide a wide range of services to make the process of stone cladding in Ireland easy, whether you’re looking for cost-effective custom stone cladding on your home or office, or a complete restoration job for older homes.

However, there is one material that has become popular in recent years because it has natural warmth and gives your walls timeless look and that material is natural stone for stone cladding in Ireland. This beautiful and durable material known as stone cladding enhances your interiors while increasing your home’s value.

Well, if you haven’t considered stone cladding before, then you should read further to know when should you consider stone cladding?

Do you know how unique stone cladding can make your walls? Well, using natural stones such as limestone, marble and granite is one of the best ways to spruce up your home’s bare and boring walls. In fact, not just appearance, stone cladding also offer many other benefits.

• Stones used in stone wall cladding have a natural beauty that can add warmth to your walls and gives a timeless appeal to your living space. Moreover, the fading of colors and the unconventional veins along with attractive patterns and impressions of fossils make this natural stone cladding a creative addition to your building.

• Stone claddings are durable as the thick slabs of natural stone are strong and they can last for a long time. That means that the stone wall cladding is able to withstand some adverse weather conditions along with everyday wear and tear. So, they last for many years.

• Stone cladding enhances your property’s appearance. In fact, stone cladding also helps your home provide with an optimum insulation. Hence, the outside walls with stone cladding are ideal for standing up to the harsh weather. The stone cladding is also heat resistant which act as natural insulators and blocks heat, cold and moisture from entering your home.

• Stone wall cladding keeps you cozy as it acts as an insulator. But, do you know the stone claddings also dampen the outside noise. Hence, you can take advantage of the natural sound-dampening qualities of stone used in stone cladding to maintain silence in your bedroom or keep the loud music away from disturbing your sleep.

• Stone cladding also increase the value of your property. Hence, using natural stone is a smart investment as it increases your home’s value which in turn offers a good return on your investment of stone cladding cost in Ireland when you sell the property.

• Stone wall cladding is easy to maintain and getting permanent stains on the stone claddings are rare. You can clean the nooks, crannies and the intricate designs on the stone tiles with a soft brush and dishwasher solution. However, for regular cleaning, just dusting with a dry cloth will do good.


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