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10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

by janeausten

Divorce is a major life change, and how you handle it can have long-term consequences. It’s a good idea to hire qualified legal counsel regardless of which side you’re on. If you’ve never been divorced before, the process can be frightening and unpleasant, so do your research before selecting a divorce attorney to guarantee you’re getting the finest representation for your needs. 

If you or your soon-to-be-ex are in the military, for example, avoid hiring a divorce lawyer who has no experience in military divorce. In other words, you’ll need a divorce lawyer who focuses on the aspects of your life that are unique to you.

Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney:

To ensure that an attorney can manage your specific divorce case, ask the questions you need to ask.

Consider this list of 10 questions your go-to guide if the process of finding a divorce attorney is overwhelming and a little intimidating at this point.

1. Can you tell me how many divorce cases you’ve handled?

Hiring a divorce attorney is similar to hiring a surgeon: you don’t want to choose someone who has never done surgery before. Divorce is stressful enough, and the last thing you’ll want to do on top of dealing with the emotional and practical ramifications is to double-check your lawyer’s work to make sure they’re doing everything correctly. You are, after all, the customer.

2. How many of those cases did you manage to resolve without going to court?

To prevent more drama and a lengthy agreement, you should try to keep your divorce out of the courts. Settlement out of court is essentially a compromise, so looking for a skilled divorce lawyer that has a lot of experience settling out of court is a good sign to look for.

3. Do you have any experience with a collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce, like settling out of court, removes the “let’s fight!” mentality so you and your spouse can reach a reasonable arrangement in a non-aggressive manner. It’s a sort of problem-solving that can keep a divorce peaceful. A collaborative divorce may result in you and your ex being on good terms.

4. Do you know who my partner is?

Regardless of how your lawyer thinks about your spouse, if your lawyer is affiliated with him or her, this could be a major issue. Our own personal feelings or knowledge of another person tends to get in the way of our capacity to act objectively, so avoid hiring anyone who has worked with your spouse previously.

5. Do you know who my partner’s lawyer is?

It may be less important to you if your lawyer knows your spouse’s lawyer than if your lawyer knows your spouse, but it’s still something to consider. Feel allowed to proceed with your lawyer if they were in the same seminar during their first year of law school.

6. Are you familiar with the family court justices in your area?

You probably asked a few other students what the professor is like, how they grade, and what their tardiness policy is before enrolling in a college class. Hiring a lawyer is similar in that you want to make sure they are familiar with the reputations and ruling styles of your local judges before you hire them. If you’re seeking sole custody and the judge assigned to your case is lenient with custody, you’ll want your lawyer to be aware of this so she can build a strong strategy.

7. Do you think it’s preferable to negotiate and mediate rather than go to trial?

When it comes to picking a divorce lawyer, the most critical factor is that you and your attorney are on the same page. If you wish to mediate and bargain but your lawyer is dead set on going to trial, your case’s success may be jeopardized.

8. Have you ever had to negotiate financial aid or settlements?

For example, in any divorce case involving children or businesses, child or spousal support, huge financial settlements, or business value are all likely to come up, so make sure your lawyer knows what they’re doing.

9. Will my case be handled by you or another attorney from the firm?

You hired a specific attorney because you like their approach to things, thus the last thing you want is for your case to be passed around the firm to other lawyers.

10. Is it possible for me to meet anyone else who will be working on my case?

If your case is extensive and requires numerous individuals to handle it, make sure you meet everyone who will be involved for the same reason you met with your primary attorney. In some ways, your future is in their hands, so getting to know the people who will be working on your case is critical.

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