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Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie 

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Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Mussoorie, a gleaming hill station, has long been a favourite of many. It is a romantic’s muse, a loner’s heaven, and a nature lover’s heaven. Once you’ve been here, you won’t be able to remove the memories from your heart since the multicoloured hills will always remind you of your betrothal.

Some of India’s most famous educational institutions, majestic hotels, charming cafes, historic taverns, estates, cathedrals, architecture, offices, lively markets, and tourist destinations all draw visitors to this colonial hill station.

Mussoorie is a prominent hill station in India, noted for its weekend getaways, honeymoon spots, Himalayan views, and Mall Road. There are numerous luxury resort in mussoorie with stunning mountain views. Here are some of the best places to visit in Mussoorie.

Sir George Everest House: 

Known as Park Estate, it is one of the most popular vacation spots in Mussoorie. This spot used to be the lab and home of Sir George Everest, who was the Surveyor General of India. The most noteworthy pinnacle in the Himalayas, known as Mt. Everest, was named after him. The home, which was built in 1832 and is also known as Park House, is located in Park Estate, 6 kilometers west of Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie. Sir George Everest’s House has an old-world elegance and attracts history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and adventure travelers with panoramic views of the gorgeous Doon Valley on one side, the roaring Aglar River valley on the other, and majestic Himalayan peaks in the north. The historic residence, while being in a damaged and disintegrating form, tells the important story of Colonel Sir George Everest.

Kempty Falls: 

Kempty Falls is one of Mussoorie’s most well-known tourist attractions. It was laid out by a British official to sort out casual get-togethers. Dazzling perspectives on Kempty cascades and drifting on a stunning man-made lake close by will fill your heart with joy here. It’s no surprise that this location is always busy with visitors. Kempty Falls is a great area for picnics and a pleasant swim in the cool waters on a hot summer day. Anyone viewing the cascading waterfall is enthralled, and the tiny pool of water open for swimming is ideal for some fun time with family or friends. During the monsoon, the rocks can become quite slippery, so caution is advised before approaching the falls.

Gun Hill: 

Gun Hill is the second most elevated peak in Mussoorie. Marvelous perspectives of the stunning Himalayan Peaks and Doon Valley can liquefy any explorer’s heart. The hill is around 400 feet above Mall Road and is a popular tourist attraction, especially for nature lovers and photographers, because of the views it provides. Not only are the picturesque vistas spectacular, but there is also a ropeway that takes you to a higher location in the Himalayas for an even better perspective. This hill received its name from a pre-independence schedule that people used to observe. Every day, a gun would be fired from this location to allow people to set their watches for the day. For the people of the time, it was a timely reminder.

Camel Back Road: 

This path brings all travelers on a peaceful stroll through stunning scenery and a peaceful environment. It is a three-kilometer route that begins at the famed Kulri Bazar and ends at Library Point. However, the views you’ll see along the way are unparalleled! During the early morning and night-time hours, you’ll see a lot of folks out on a walk. Camel’s Back Road, one of Mussoorie’s most popular tourist attractions, is named for the naturally shaped boulder that stands at the road’s terminus. The hump of a camel is strikingly similar to this rock. Travelers can observe a British cemetery established in the 19th century while travelling down the route.

The vistas of the Himalayas are another reason why this is one of the top spots to visit in Mussoorie. While taking a leisurely walk, you can stare at the utter majesty of the mountain range’s snow-covered summits. A few businesses have also set up many telescopes for guests to have a better look at these magnificent peaks.

The Mall, Mussoorie

The Mall is a significant vacation spot in Mussoorie. Stunning perspectives of Doon Valley, frontier-style houses, shops, diners, computer game parlours, and libraries make this spot a wellspring of diversion and satisfaction for sightseer. You won’t ever get exhausted here.

Lal Tibba- 

It is the most noteworthy Peak’s point in Mussoorie. Entrancing perspectives on sunrises and sunsets, great mountain peaks, and peaceful energies make Lal Tibba an absolute necessity-to-visit vacation spot in Mussoorie. The Lal Tibba region has been occupied for a long time, serving as a summer resort and a military recovery station during the British Raj, earning it the moniker of cantonment cum hill station. The area has been taken over by Indian military forces. The La Tibba, which is shaped like a small terrace, provides breath-taking views of the Tibetan border. The location is tranquil and contains remnants of British architecture.

Company Garden:

Company Garden, otherwise called Company Bagh, is one of the dazzling vacation destinations in Mussoorie. The nicely kept Company Garden may be found about 3 kilometers from the library on Mall Road. The Company Garden, one of the top locations to visit in Mussoorie, is well-known for being an ideal spot for a picnic. Due to its location, the park is one of the nicest sites in Mussoorie; it offers clean views of the surroundings and a variety of enjoyable sports within. This garden is well-known for many other reasons, including its rich flora. The freshly constructed wax museum in the garden is the icing on the cake for visitors. As a result of the museum’s incorporation, the garden has become one of Mansuri’s most popular tourist destinations. This museum is named after the state of Uttarakhand, which is known as “Dev Bhoomi.” Make sure you set aside enough time to spend here. 

Lambi Dehar Mines: 

An intriguing vacation destination to investigate in Mussoorie, Lambi Dehar Mines is otherwise called the “Mine of Death.” In the 90’s, it is said that around 50,000 specialists here kicked the bucket because of gagging blood as the procedures utilized in mining were unseemly. Local people around that spot asserted that it was a spot for tormented spirits.

Mussoorie is so lovely, and the natural landscapes are so breath-taking, that one cannot help but be awestruck during their visit. If you love to do adventure sports then, there are plenty of things to do like trekking, camping, rafting, paragliding, and many more. So, plan your trip now to be in the “Queen of Hills”.

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