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Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood – Working, Benefits and Safety Tips

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A benchtop laminar flow hood is a small, self-contained apparatus designed to provide a safe work environment for laboratory work. Lab benches can have a central laminar flow hood or individual ones linked to the bench via tubing.

When you work with hazardous chemicals, ensuring that your “clean zone” has sufficient protection is crucial. A laminar flow hood will protect your face and body from potential exposure while protecting the laboratory environment by eliminating most airborne particles and airborne contaminants from escaping into the lab.

Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood

The use of such laminar flow hood benches is increasing sharply across different industries. However, if you plan to get one such workbench for your lab, you need to understand some basics related to it first.

Working on Laminar Flow Hoods

Over the years, the conventional laminar flow hoods have undergone several changes and upgrades. Unlike traditional laminar flow hoods, these workbenches include two HEPA filters that ensure that the area underneath the workbench remains safe and clean.

Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood

The first filter is located at the bottom of the bench and pulls air from below it upwards into it.

Benefits of Using Laminar Flow Hoods

First and foremost, the Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood helps toensure that experiments and other work done in the lab remain safe. From preventing airborne contamination to improving the efficiency of your lab, there are many benefits of using these laminar flow hoods in your lab. Some of these benefits are shared here:

  • The traditional laminar flow hoods were only effective when used in places like clean rooms where there are virtually no airborne contaminants to be filtered out. 
  • Also, these new units are very effective as they ensure that clean air is sourced from below and from across the tabletop.
  • They also have several additional settings for different types of work, like using a vacuum to eliminate vapours or using a higher airflow for tasks that require a lot of airflows.
  • These additional features make them highly useful for use inside and outside to clean a room’s environment.

Benchtop Laminar Flow Hood

The major difference between the laminar flow hood and the Bioshield Workbenches is that the laminar flow hood only works by pulling air upward through a filter. At the same time, these workbenches also ensure that air is filtered underneath them.

Safety Tips while working on a Laminar Flow Hood

The laminar flow hoods are fairly easy to use and require minimal maintenance. However, there are a few precautions that you need to take while working on one. The first and foremost thing is to never operate the unit if it does not have any filters attached or if the filters are damaged. Since the filters collect all contaminants and hazardous particles, they must be in good working condition. This ensures that your work area remains clean and safe throughout your work process.

The intake of air from below the laminar flow hood is also very important. It ensures that you remain protected from airborne contaminants even when you place your supplies on the workbench itself. If the unit is not maintaining the right airflow, it can lead to excessive contamination of your equipment and supplies.

Commercial Laminar Flow Hoods

You must place your items on the tabletop with care so that you do not get hurt by its surroundings. If you are working at a workplace for industrial purposes, you need to wear protective gear around you. For example, while working on a laminar flow hood, there is always a chance that something can fall from above and hit you on your head or body.

It is highly important to wear protective gear like goggles and face shields while using the laminar flow hood. The HEPA filters used in them have physical properties that cause them to become extremely hot when in operation.

Final Words

A laminar flow hood is a self-contained cleaning and work area used within a laboratory. You must have at least one such workbench for conducting experiments and other lab-based activities in your lab. This article has detailed some basic information about these lab benches, the way they function, and the precautions you need to take while using them.

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