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How to secure your home while you are on vacation?

by janeausten

Vacation is among the favourite ways to spend quality time with the family and make the relationship even more substantial. Still, the last thing you want is to come from vacation to a robbed house. A few tips and tricks locksmith in Brandon and locksmith in Clearwater have provided to help you keep your home safe when you plan to vacation.

Check the locks and bolts before going on a vacation

Before going on vacation, ideally, a few days before vacation, check the locks or bolts and see if it is loose. If some of them are loose, get it fixed by any locksmith Brandon or locksmith Clearwater depending on your location. Most of us think of getting it fixed after coming from vacation, which is a weird excuse. Do not be on that stand by.

Suspend the postal service, if any

If you do not know this, you can request the postal service or courier service to suspend for a few days or a while. This is important because an unattended letterbox is an invitation to burglars.

Do not post about your vacation on social media.

This is a modern-age problem. When we are on vacation, often we put photos of our vacation on social media to show off and sometimes share our joy with the world. This can also be an invitation for the burglars, and this is a clear indication that the family is not at home. There have been many cases where a family went for a vacation and posted photos and videos on social media, but eventually, they came home to a robbed house.

Don’t make it too obvious.

You should not make it too obvious for a burglar. Yes, one should lock all the doors, but there are a few tricks one can adopt not to make it too obvious. For example, if you cover all the blinds, a burglar can hint that nobody is in the home; instead, if you keep some blinds covered and some blinds uncovered just like you usually do, it will seem like you are at home. Just do not forget to keep valuable things out of the viewing range. There are also automatic light and electricity running tools available where you can set a time for the lights and TV to turn on and turn off so that it will make a burglar seem like you are home.

Keep trusted neighbours in the loop.

Keep good company with your neighbours, make your neighbours aware of your vacation, and ask them to keep an eye on the house. If your landlord lives nearby, it is also good. Inform them about your vacation and keep them in the loop.

Hide valuables:

Before going on vacation, it is better to prepare for the worst. Hide all the valuable items so that even if there is a burglary, you can protect your valuable artefacts and money intact.

Purchase a home insurance

It is better and a must-do if you ask me to purchase home insurance before going on a vacation. Even if the worst thing happens, you can get something of value in return.


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