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How To Save Energy While Using Air Conditioners?

by janeausten

Australian summers are harsh. Hence, it is no wonder that people will put the air conditioners in their homes and places of business in the highest possible setting to remain cool while outside temperatures soar.

However, blasting the air conditioner at full capacity for a long time will surely increase the electricity bills of homes and enterprises.

So, what can homeowners and enterprise managers in Australia do to save energy while using air conditioners during the peak days of the Australian summer season?

Well, they can follow the tips mentioned below –

One Can Always Turn The HVAC Units Off In The Evenings And At Nights

According to a certified residential electrician Perth associated with one of the leading electrical contractors, homeowners can save much money if they choose to turn off their home’s air conditioner at night or as soon as the evening sets it. This is because the temperature goes significantly down during the nights and as the evening sets in. In addition, home and business owners can open up the windows of their property to make the best use of the cool evening breeze.

One Can Always Install The Latest Generation Of Thermostats And Timers On Their Property

One should install the latest generation of thermostats or timers in their home or place of business. Modern-day thermostats and timers are very energy efficient as they come with intelligent firmware that automatically adjusts the settings of AC units to keep ambient temperatures in a comfortable zone while ensuring that the AC units are not consuming excess energy.

One Should Never Set The Ac Unit To The Lowest Temperature Setting

Often homeowners and business managers in Australia set the lowest cooling temperature in the AC units installed on their property. But unfortunately, this habit has to be put on hold if one is serious about saving energy.

As per spokespersons of leading AC brands, the best temperature setting for HVAC units is 21 – 24 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, the compressor of the AC units will not consume excess energy; meanwhile, it will ensure efficient cooling.

One Can Make The Best Use Of Curtains And Blinds To Block Out The Sun

Air conditioner running costs can also be reduced when one takes all the necessary measures to keep their homes or their places of business cool. It is best to remember that during the daytime, homes and places of business don’t need to heat up just because sunlight is entering through the property’s windows. The radiating heat from daylight is enough to heat the ambient air of a home or place of business. 

Hence, one must ensure that they are blocking out natural light from entering their home premises or place of business using curtains or blinds – whichever applies.

In this way, the ac units installed in a home or place of business will not have to work hard to bring down the ambient temperature of the property, thus allowing the units to consume less electricity.


Another way that homeowners and business managers in Australia can keep the running costs of air conditioners low. By ensuring that the HVAC units installed on their property are being subjected to periodic preventative maintenance offered by reputed companies operating in Perth and the rest of Australia. One should consult with the experts in their vicinity at their earliest convenience for more tips.

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