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7 Things You Need To Know About Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

by janeausten
Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photoshoot is gaining massive popularity these days. Gen X and Y consider it a way to celebrate their first step toward the “Big day”. This event marks the initiation of the journey that would lead you to get married to the person you love. 

Couples are willing to accept the ideas of themes and creative photoshoots. You can keep it casual and have a fun photoshoot while walking on the streets of Kolkata. Or, you can book a lavish resort for the day. 

However, always remember that a pre-wedding photoshoot is about providing each other with a comfy and cozy space. You also get the chance to know each other a little more before you say “Yes” to the marriage.

Are you confused!!!?

Unable to understand how you can check in the right angles, break the ice, face the challenges and create stunning images? Then, let us remind you that you need to be comfortable with your photographer. Do not hesitate to discuss your ideas.

So, here are the 7 aspects that you must follow before booking a pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s time to get perfectly tuned photos.

  1. Specify the budget 

This is the most important facet of any wedding. You need to divide the budget appropriately so that you do not have to compromise on any part of the wedding. Talk with the photograph and go through the terms and conditions. Understand whether there is any additional cost for editing or sudden change in the plan or location. Always try to fix a budget and do not exceed the allocated amount.

  1. Determine the pose

You need to learn a few essential things, such as don’t forget to take classic engagement photos or candid photos. A little PDA won’t do any harm. You need to be careful about the concept and always plan. Discuss the ideas with your partner and plan the fancy day before you tie the knot together. Now, it is time to capture photography, and finally, you can seal them into a frame. 

  1. Pick a location

It is based on your preference – you can choose an indoor or outdoor shoot. You must always keep an alternative location in case of an outdoor shoot because you cannot predict the weather. Communicating with your photographer at every level of the pre-wedding photoshoot is essential. It will help you to understand if they can reach the location and whether they have any experience in outdoor location shoots.

  1. Clear idea about the output

If you are planning a destination pre-wedding shoot, you must spend a good amount. Because you wouldn’t want to spoil your wedding album. So, it is quite important to discuss the editing of the photos. This will give you a clear idea about the resultant photographs. 

It would be complete madness if the amount spent on the pre-wedding exceeds your wedding days’ capture photography. So, search well and communicate with your photographer. Also, clearly state what you want and how you can get the best picture.

  1. Plan your Outfit

The outfit should be the perfect combination of your preferred location and pose. Based on these two, you need to work out the idea of a dress that would complement the background and make you look picture-perfect. So, try out the dresses in advance, and you don’t have to face any inconvenience on the day of the pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Put on Makeup

When it’s wedding time, you cannot leave behind the makeup. Keep it minimal and never overdo it. Always try to get enough rest before the pre-wedding photoshoot so that you don’t look tired. It is all about the natural beauty that will set the day for the pre-wedding shoot. You can stay casual or try out formals. If the experiment thing is your style, then be creative and allow the photographs to recite your love story.

  1. Stay calm and don’t panic

Don’t be stressed out; it is only a pre-wedding photoshoot and mostly compromises natural moments that you and your partner will cherish. These are the little moments you would love to treasure for a lifetime. 

Along with facial expressions, body language is equally important. You can ask the photographer to take a close view of the engagement ring or your foot on the sand. These would turn an unexpected scene into an amazing photograph.


Ask the photographer to use a longer lens for flattering shots or implement the burst mode feature. These would transform the level of the photoshoot. You can pick up a package that would support your dream pre-wedding photography plans.

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