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How Subway Expands its Business with Customer Feedback Survey?

by janeausten
Subway Expands its Business with Customer Feedback Survey

When it comes to the top food brands, Subway is at the top of the list. Subway offers sandwiches called Subs, and wraps which are not only delicious but also healthy at the same time. I Still remember when I had to fight with my parents to eat junk food but when I asked for a Subway sandwich, they always happily agreed.

Subway can be your top priority if you want to eat healthy and tasty at the same time. You will never have the experience at Subway at any other restaurant. Marketing companies can learn a lot of strategies from Subway. Subway not only offers its customers the healthiest and tastiest sandwiches but also makes sure their kitchen is hygienic. Small small factors bring a lot of change to a business. Brands need to focus on a lot of these factors to make sure they are always on top of the business.

Subway Expands its Business with Customer Feedback Survey

Subway Expands its Business

The reason why some brands aren’t able to scale big unlike the top brands like Subway is because of missing some necessary steps. They may have the relevant product and the most targeted audience, but they fail at knowing what the customer wants. Subway has managed to maintain a healthy percentage of recurring customers. Subway not only did traditional and digital marketing but also took customer surveys.

SubwayListens not only helped them know what the customer wants but also grew their brand presence. Moreover, Subway offered a free cookie to all the customers which helped it to gather authentic feedback.

How Does Customer Feedback work in 2022?

You started a food outlet and want to grow it into a multi-million dollar business and to back your ambitions, you have a winning product too. Despite all these resources to win the market, you may still not get to scale and grow your company the way you want to. Your immediate question would be why?. To answer this, let me tell you the worth of knowing what your customer wants. What if the sandwich you made was good, but the conversation between your staff and the customer didn’t go well?. What if the food was hygienic, but the way of presentation is what bothered the customer?. Now, these reasons will never come into display unless you have a feedback mechanism for them. 

Subway is now one of the biggest sandwich brands with more than 42,000 stores in 112 countries across the globe. The reason why Subway is the first option in mind when it comes to healthy eating is how they care about the customer.

Subway Expands its Business

The way Subway rewards you with a cookie for filling a 3-minute survey is a gesture of care more than a freebie to lure you. The main aim of this survey is to develop a two-way profit strategy where you get the cookie and the brand gets to know about your overall experience at the store. 

Growing a brand takes time and patience along with heavy investments from big investors. Feedbacks and surveys form a later part of the business chain but still if it is absent, the game is over. You may survive the initial phase of the competition but you need to show your care to the customer if you want to win long term. Constant work into food quality and customer appreciation is the reason we hear of Subway’s global expansion now and then. Starting a brand and staying in business are always two different things and both are equally important.

Final Words

If you are starting a new company or trying a new business, you should explore how customers are responding to the existing ones. You have to first know your competition before jumping into it and then design a strategy on how to start. Always have a healthy relationship with your clients and maintain an atmosphere where they say and you listen. You must take constant feedback via online surveys which will further help you to make your services better. This will in turn bring more recurring customers, thus giving you more revenues and growing your business to the heights you never imagined before. Thanks for visiting our website.

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