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Last minute preparation for your SAT exams

by janeausten

After putting your heart and soul into your preparation SAT exams are finally here. The processing of applying to colleges can be daunting and an overwhelming task. It is easy for you to miss out on things in the spur of the moment. The moment SAT exam dates 2022 are announced you need to be ready with your last minute preparation tips.

Brush up the basics

By now you may have studied well for your SAT exams, practiced a lot of questions and go on to sit for numerous mock tests. It may still seem to you that you do have a lot to study but it is better to brush up on the basics. You need to revise the fundamentals and the basic concepts. It is suggested that you do not pick up on anything that you will not be able to master quickly.

Sleep schedule

Due to the rigorous demand of the exams your sleep schedule may have gone for a toss. Just a few days before the exam, you need to tweak in your sleep schedule. So that you do not end up sleeping in the middle of the exam. You need to plan your days around the SAT exam slot during that time so that your mind remains active during the course of the exam. It is also essential that you sleep well during the preceding days of your SAT exam.

The checklist on the day of the exam

On your SAT exam day it is necessary to have a handy checklist. The adoption of such a strategy that you do not feel frenzy on the last date of your exam. Make sure that you put the items on the list and make sure that you are not missing out on anything.

There are some things that you are not allowed to carry to an exam Centre. Like cell phone or electronic items like smart watch. Make it a point that you leave all these items in your home. If you do bring it to the exam centre it will be switched off and handed over to the exam proctor.

A handy strategy

A critical component of the SAT exam strategy is planning and revising the strategy. For acing this exam timing management is important. Practice the different areas of test and find out which of the areas require improvement. Even check out the efficiency of your planned strategy and figure out if it needs any changes. But do not make any major changes at the last minute as it may turn out to be confusing. Read up the essay content, and prepare a couple of topics that you are content.

Preparation for the SAT exams may turn out to be an overwhelming task. But in the midst of all this preparation do not forget to relax. You can unwind yourself by taking short breaks. Going out for walks and do anything that helps you to get rid of your stress.

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