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How to Take Care of Plants during the Monsoon

by janeausten

Monsson is the most refreshing time for the plants. It is the season when the growth of the plant is maximum. All the plants look fresh and lively. On the other hand, many people complain about the damage and death of the plant during this season. Most of them don’t know the tricks to take care of the plants during monsoon.

Every plant must have a different care process according to the season but not everyone can follow it. If you are also facing difficulty to keep your plants thriving in monsoon, then here we are. Thankfully, we have brought to you some excellent tips that will help you to maintain and care for the best nursery plants in the rainy season.

Monsoon and Plants:

According to the gardener, the monsoon is the best season for the plant as there is enough humidity that helps the roots to grow stronger. the temperature also stays favorable for the plants. They can absorb the humidity from the air to repair the damages due to sunlight in the summer.

The main challenge is that the plants can get infections during this season. You need to take extra care while watering. In fact, the fertilizer routine needs to be changed as per the requirements.

Here are some tips that will help you to take care of the plants in the monsoon.

  • Remove Stagnant Water: During monsoon, most of the time, the rainwater accumulates in the pot of the plants that are located on your balconies, terraces and open gardens. This water will wash away all the nutrients from the soil. And moreover, the clogged water is not good for the plant and roots. To avoid such conditions, you need to make sure that every pot has a good drainage system. You need to take care that all the water should be removed from the pot. There are some plants like succulents that receive more water than required. You need to keep those plants in the sunlight as much as possible so that they will revive.
  • Ensure Drainage: All the pots must have good drainage. It is a very important tip not only for monsoon but also for any season. You need to make sure that the drainage hole must not be clogged so that the extra rainwater will come out from the soil. You can also keep the pots on the pebble tray so that it will have a better process for the water to come out.
  • Best time to Prune: Monsoon is the best time to prune the plants. As the growth of the plant is increased during this time, timely pruning will make it bushier. It is the time for the new shoots to grow in the new space that has been created after pruning. You need to take extra care of the parts of the plants that are frequently hit by rain. Clean the pruning tool with spirit so that it will not get affected by the infection.
  • Use of Fertilizer: Due to rain, the fertility of the soil may wash off sometimes. To ensure the nutrition of the plants, you need to add fertilizers like vermicompost in the soil. The earthworms will make the soil aerated so that the water percolates from the planter. You must use slow-release organic compost which is suitable for this rainy season.
  • Clean the Weeds: The monsoon is the season for the growth of weeds as well. They will suck up all the nutrients from the soil and your plant will be deprived of food. So, it is better to keep away the weeds during the season by frequent cleaning the pot.
  • Make way for light: During the rainy season, there are clouds in the sky most of the time. That’s why light has become a huge problem this time, especially for those plants that love the sun. If the cloudy days persist for long, you need to arrange for artificial light for the plants. It is a great way to keep the monsoon insects away from the plants.
  • Provide support to the plants: In monsoon, along with rain, storms also come. To save the nursery plants from strong wind, you need to provide them with good support. You can tie up the plant with the stick so that it will get some extra support. Plants like coleus need extra support during monsoon.

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