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What are the plumbing benefits of installing a water heater?

by janeausten
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If your water heater has stopped working or not working correctly as you desired, it needs to be replaced by a new one. You can contact any plumbing services like Drain Doctor Atlanta to help you install a new one. There are several benefits of installing a new water heater; some are briefly discussed below.


There is an efficiency gap between new and old water heaters in AtlantaThis is almost without exception. A new water heaters Atlanta provides higher efficiency. The way of measuring the efficiency of a water heater is its energy factor. Energy factor means how much hot water is produced per unit of fuel consumed. The most natural and average energy factor of water heaters ranges from 0.5 to 0.7 if it is new. If the water heaters in Atlanta are old, the energy factor will be way less than 0.5. Probably down to 0.3 or 0.2. This is a waste of valuable money. Therefore it is a good idea to invest in a new water heater.

Hot water recovery rate:

There are two more essential metrics one needs to know. These are the First Hour rating and Recovery Rating. The first-hour rating is the availability of hot water when needed the most. For example, the water heater has been turned on, but after 2 or 3 persons, it is your turn to take a bath. At that time, whether the water is hot as your requirement is something to measure. This measurement is called the First-hour rating. The second one is the recovery rating. Going by the same example, after 2 to 3 persons, the water temperature will be lower than the first and second person. The recovery rate is the ability of water heaters in Atlanta to recover the heat to provide you with the same or close to the temperature [provided to the first two persons. In water heaters Atlanta, the recovery rate is very high. So, if you live in a family structure and are not getting the desired heat from the water heater, it is time to change the water heater and install a new one.


There are modern water heaters Atlanta available, which are more compact and provide a lot of space for other essential things to keep. This is beneficial as it is economic to the space.


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