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Gain App Intelligence with App Store Optimisation tools

by janeausten
App Store Optimisation tools

Whenever individuals want to install an app, they open the App Store for an iOS phone and Google Play Store for an Android phone. Like search engines, app stores also have algorithms to rank some apps higher than others. This is where ASO kicks in. App store optimisation service aims at improving an app’s visibility on an app store, thereby increasing its installation rate and click-through rate. Therefore, optimising the app’s name, title, icon, rating, and screenshot makes sense to convince users to click and install it.

Several App Store Optimisation tools help optimise the app and bring it to the top. Here is a quick guide on these valuable tools.

Benefits of Using App Store Optimization Tools

Since every user visits an app store to download an app they want, ASO is necessary if the app owner wants to make it visible to the users. Optimising an app using the right tools is an efficient marketing strategy for mobile games and apps. Here is how using ASO tools is beneficial: 

  • Improved Visibility: Users cannot download and use an app if they cannot find it. No matter how excellent the app is, it cannot achieve the success it deserves if it is not discoverable on the app stores. So, optimising it with the right ASO tools will save all the hard work from going to waste.
  • High-Quality Targeted Users: Making the app visible is not enough; the right users who actually need it must find it at the right time. With the help of ASO tools and a reliable SEO company, targeted users can find the app with relevant keywords.
  • Organic and Sustainable App Downloads: Good ASO tools boost an app’s organic downloads and ensure results in the long term. That is because when a user searches for app-related keywords, they always find them. With regular updating and monitoring, an app owner’s efforts become successful.
  • Reduce Acquisition Costs: Organic ASO growth using the right tools saves money and ensures steady growth.
  • Increased Revenue: In-app purchases, subscription models, and in-app ads are a few ways of app monetisation. Running ads seems to be the best way to bring in more revenue. However, if the app is not converting, the ad spend goes waste. Remember, ASO tools also involve conversion rate optimisation, encouraging users to click and download.
  • Global Reach: Some ASO tools make the app available in other languages, making it discoverable to global users. An App Store Optimization service can take an app globally.

What do App Store Optimisation Tools do?

In 2022, there are 6.648 billion smartphone users worldwide today, which is around 84% of the world’s total population. Since the number is expected to rise over the coming years, mobile phone apps have a huge market. With around four million apps on app stores, strategically developing and marketing an app becomes crucial to generating engagement and downloads. 

Here are a few ways how App Store Optimisation tools help:

Identifying and Using Relevant Keywords: ASO tools help determine the right keywords most customers and competitors use. Using keywords according to the customer’s needs makes the app more visible in the store. Google Keyword Planner, Sensor Tower, and Mobile Action are some excellent ASO tools for keyword analysis.

Optimising the App Title and Description: An ASO tool can help write an attractive, creative, and memorable title using minimum words. It also helps create a description with relevant keywords.

Creating Compelling Screenshots and Icons: A valuable tool helps create a memorable and recognisable app icon using colours other than the competitors. It also helps upload attractive and professional-looking screenshots with visual features.

Competitive Analysis:  Before adding the app to the app store, an ASO tool nails down the most appropriate category for it based on competitive analysis. It helps identify the competitor’s patterns and make relevant changes as applicable. Consequently, it narrows down the top competitors to effectively manage consistent ASO.

Backlinking: Backlinking is crucial to gaining authority in app stores. Using both text and ALT tags, backlinking tools help improve the quantity and quality of the links to achieve success.

Remember, an App Store Optimisation service cannot do miracles overnight. Spending a little time working on the app and using the right ASO tools helps an app achieve success on the app store. Once the app gains exposure, the app owners can use other ASO tools to promote it with paid advertising to increase their market share.

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