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Everything You Must Know About RCA Cables

by janeausten

The name RCA is derived from Radio Corporation of America. RCA connectors are a particular type of electrical connector used to carry audio and video signals. The Radio Corporation made designed such connectors in America in the 1930s. If you have ever connected your DVD players or cd players to connectors, you have likely used these cables.

These cables have three colored plugs that connect from one end to three colored jacks behind the TV projector or other output devices. Through these cables, we get the video, audio, and other associated features of the device.

The two popular RCA cable types are composite video RCA cable and component cable.

All about Component Cables

These are very classy and stylish cables used on HD TVs. Component cables have a color code red, green, and blue for video signals and red, white, or black for audio signals. Component RCA cables have the capacity of the highest resolutions. Much higher than composite cables. They are 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p and much more.

The one for every user: Composite video RCA cables

These are the most used cables. They are of the colors red, white, or black for the left and right audio system and yellow for composite visuals.

The cables help carry out analog and non-digital video data in one signal. These cable’s video signals consist of 480i, NTSC/ 576i PAL standard definition video signals. However, its disadvantage is that it is not used for high definition analog or digital video signals, unlike component cables.

Details about RCA cables

  • Its length

Cables’ length can deteriorate the signal quality of your device. So always buy the cable that has a length of exactly the amount you need for the best signal quality. Ask the electrician around you for suggestions.

  • The material

Connectors used in RCA cables are generally Silver, gold, or copper, as we can all say that the gold ones are the most highly-priced. Also, they are the best in comparison to silver and copper connectors. Why? Because gold connectors help better at preventing oxidation but are not as good at electrical conductivity. The silver ones are suited best for that purpose. The second best for electrical conductivity is copper wires. Other suitable ones are zinc, tin, and nickel. Gold wires fall behind in this area.

  • Shielding

A proper shield cable gives a better signal than the one that lacks good shielding capacity.

  • Match the ends

The material used at the end of the cable should match the connectors. But do not pair tin with gold or silver with gold. They are not rightly suited because of an electrolytic reaction. Make sure to check the details if you buy RCA cable online.

Uses of RCA cables

RCA cables are the most used type of cables. They are used in connecting a large range of video and audio devices like TVs, stereos, camcorders, and speakers. For example, most high-end camcorders have 3 RCA jacks; hence the signals leaving or entering the device pass through three different channels.

Whether you buy RCA cables or HDMI cables, check the ends. Faulty connectors may damage your electrical device causing further harassment of repair and extra expenses. If in doubt, look for suggestions from the electrician from your area. Shop what’s best for electrical devices.

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