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Tips to Prepare for Class 11 Science Stream  

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For students, preparing for the Class 10 board exam is not so easy because the result matters a lot for higher education. It is the first board exam for students, so they go through pressure and stress. When students are finally done with their Class 10 board exams, they look for some relaxation. But, after Class 10, the real struggle starts because they get promoted to 11th standard. Class 11 comes with a new syllabus divided into three streams: science, commerce, and arts. All three streams are entirely different in terms of subjects and syllabus. Students need to choose their stream among the three.

Students who want to pursue their careers in engineering or medicine prefer the science stream. The science stream includes physics, chemistry, biology and maths. Students who opt for the science stream need to work hard because it is the toughest nut to crack. Due to this reason, science stream students are constantly under pressure. But, with proper planning and guidance, students can outshine in their Class 11 exam.

According to the CBSE guidelines, students need to choose five mandatory subjects, including English and one optional subject. Some of the preferred combinations of subjects for science stream students are mentioned below:

  • Mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science: This subject combination is the best for students interested in the coding, technical and machinery fields. This subject combination is mainly inclined towards practical and experimental proficiency.
  • Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics: For students who want to pursue their career in the medical field or biology in their 11th and 12th, these subjects’ combinations will be the right choice.

Students of the CBSE board get the liberty of choosing an optional subject that works as a saviour if anything goes wrong. Students who are not so fond of mathematics choose physical education, etc., as mandatory subjects and take up mathematics as optional.

Study Tips for Class 11 Science Stream

Students who choose the science stream in their Class 11 need to work hard to pass with flying colours. So, we have provided a few tips and tricks to help students prepare effectively for the Class 11 science stream exam.

1. Plan your study schedule

The syllabus studied in Class 10 is entirely different from the syllabus of the Class 11 science stream or any other stream. The science stream includes physics, chemistry and biology, and the syllabus is altogether different from the concepts the students have learnt earlier. In Class 11, the concepts of each subject need to study in-depth because they will be more advanced. In comparison to Class 10, Class 11 is more about formulas, application of knowledge of theories and visualisation. So, students should work hard to achieve success in Class 11 and to do so, they need to prepare their study plan comprehensively.

2. Begin with physics

Students should begin their preparation with physics because it is essential for various competitive exams. To be clear with their physics concepts, students should be thorough with their textbooks and the syllabus. They should note all the necessary formulas, concepts, diagrams, definitions, and equations. Be thorough with all the topics and sub-topics, and do not skip any crucial concepts. Students should solve numerical problems regularly, and to clear their doubts, they can take help from their teachers. 

3. Then begin with chemistry

Begin the preparation for chemistry with the syllabus and then the textbooks. Students should be well-versed with all the concepts and topics included in the chemistry syllabus. Note all the important chemical equations, formulas, definitions, and chemical chains. The CBSE notes will help them in the revision. Practise the reactions and equations regularly to memorise them. 

4. Later start biology

Like physics and chemistry, students should begin with biology textbooks. Once they complete the entire syllabus, they should start solving the sample papers, exercise questions and previous years’ question papers. They should practise the diagrams as it is a crucial part of biology and revise all the concepts regularly. 

5. Last mathematics

Mathematics needs lots of practice and understanding of the concepts. Students should be familiar with the theorems, formulas and definitions. When students find it difficult to solve any problem, they can refer to the NCERT solutions. Practise sample papers, exercise questions, and previous years’ question papers.

Science is an essential subject, so if students want to score well in the stream and succeed in it, follow the above preparation tips properly. Be thorough with the concepts, chapterwise notes such as Structure of atom class 11 notes, etc.

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