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Role of Government in the New Zealand Education System

by janeausten

New Zealand has been widely known for the best quality of life and relaxed pace. This feature has made New Zealand the world’s best country for the people who give preferences to quality life and living standards.

However, people prefer living in New Zealand because of the well-balanced life where the work and life in their places, and nothing exceeds its limits. Moreover, if you want to see the bigger picture, New Zealand has been known for being the top Pisa performer since 2000.  

Performing above the OECD average in reading science and mathematics, New Zealand has proved to be a leading country with a solid educational network. (Sullivan, K., McKinney, A., & Perry, L. B. (2018] The solid educational network means that the New Zealand has 7 universities that are listed among the top 500 universities in the world, which increases the worth of getting educational degrees and certifications from New Zealand. (TAH. 2019)


The education system of New Zealand reflects a diverse society. It has always kept his door open for people with different religious beliefs, ethnic groups, abilities, income levels, and a distinct ideology about teaching and learning. The Education system of New Zealand based on three levels, i.e.

  • Early childhood education: From birth till the school entry age
  • Primary and secondary education: The students between the age of 5-19 years
  • Further Education: Higher and vocational education seekers

This is how the education sector is divided into multiple stages. Reaching towards the end of every level, you set up the foundation for another. By this, you will witness how students’ progress each year in New Zealand.

The role that Government plays in the education system of New Zealand

Therefore,This is quite obvious that the Government of New Zealand plays a significant role in enhancing and raising the standard of the education system because the success of the education system is not the efforts of a single party. Until the Government of a country doesn’t want the things to happen, then no other body could make the changes to any country’s system. So, let’s look at the role of the Government in the education system of New Zealand.

Provide support and resources to the community

The Government takes note of the participation of the community in educational activities and spreading knowledge. Therefore, they provide various programs, policies, and regulations to improve and advance the circulation of knowledge in the community.

The Government works closely with the parents, community groups, and so on; to make crucial decisions for the advancement of the education system.Knowing the needs and problems of the parents and community groups helps provide educational programs for the ones in need and the subject needing more concentration.

Provide support and resources to the education providers

The Government considers whether the education providers have the needful resources to provide quality education to the students or not. They look for the problems the education providers face in giving out the standard knowledge to the students or how their way of deliverance could be improvised.

The Government monitors the performance of the educators and analyzes the management to reduce the risk factors. This way, the students will get the assignment help and lecture help without any hurdles, as the Government is always there to give a protocol treatment to all the problems.

Resources and Intervention for target student groups

The Government of New Zealand does not only work with the higher authorities involved in the process of writing, but it also focuses on different groups of students and their unique needs. For instance, the students are in dire need of the assignment help services in New Zealand. The Government has decided against introducing the best assignment writing service.

Similarly, the Government is working on the students’ unique needs and developmental learning by introducing some great tools and resources to help them out personally. Focusing on every child studying in New Zealand is the reason behind the successful and advanced education system.

Provide support and resources to the Teachers

Like all the other entities, the Government of New Zealand is also working great to assist the teachers who are the primary source of spreading knowledge and quality education in the community. The Government works on the analysis of the needs of the teachers that will help them work out some advanced ways of teaching.

The Government also monitors how teachers take the assessment to take strict action if any mishap is being conducted in between. By investing significant resources in the teachers, the Government expects professional leadership. Also, the Government keeps a check on the teacher’s payroll to avoid all the injustice and keep the staff happy to get a better service.

School Properties Management

The Government also works on managing all the school properties in the country. They analyze the work in each institution and their results, along with the ratio of successful graduates each year.

Analyzing each school’s data makes the Government of New Zealand look around for all the properties that are working useless and should be closed for investing better in the properties that are being successful day and night.

Investing much time in analyzing the performance of each institute makes things easy to manage. The plan for constructing more institutions will be more straightforward as you will have the demand of people in your note, and demolishing the institute that is of no reasonable cause can also be planned accordingly.

Final Words

The Government of New Zealand has been trying to deal with the improvement and advancement of the education sector. Believe it, if the Government of a country is not actively participating in the education sector, then no other force could help advance it. The Government’s efforts and struggle behind being among the top 500 universities on the PISA list. The Government of New Zealand has set an exemplary image around the world by constantly supporting the advancement of the education sector.

With this all said, you would observe many international students getting their student visas for New Zealand because the country has the most advanced system and high-quality education.

Similarly, the worth of a degree from the universities of New Zealand also increases. So if you are a student and want to pursue your degree in a different country, you should opt for New Zealand, as it will give you high-quality education that will help you achieve all your dreams concerning education and career.

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