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Latest Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction in Men

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While the latest Treatment for erectile dysfunction in man is still far from perfect, it is improving the lives of millions of men worldwide. The latest treatments range from Alprostadil injection to gene therapy. PDE5 inhibitors and surgical procedures are also being studied in the hopes of improving erectile function. you can try Cenforce 100 Blue pill. If you are a man with ED, read on to learn about these exciting treatments.

Gene therapy may improve erectile function

  • In the early stages of the study, it seems like gene therapy may improve erectile function in the majority of men.
  • One such therapy, called Maxi-K, was recently presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association in Orlando, Fla.
  • This type of treatment has shown promise in improving erectile function in men, and researchers hope to have it available for humans within five years.
  • In the meantime, it’s important to note that the study was based on rats, and these results cannot be generalized to men.
  • There are several different types of gene therapies available for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • These therapies are known to improve blood flow to the penis through adeno-associated virus-mediated brain derived neurotrophic factor or fibroblast growth factor receptors.
  • Currently, only three types of gene therapy have been approved by the FDA. But they could be the future of erectile dysfunction treatments.

Alprostadil injection

  • While the most common side effect of an Alprostadil injection is bruising and pain, some men may experience temporary swelling of the penis skin or priapism.
  • Fortunately, these reactions are rare and are usually only temporary. Penile pain is generally mild, affecting about 50% of men.
  • It subsides spontaneously after a few minutes. It is particularly common among men with impotence caused by nerve problems.
  • When used properly, alprostadil injection for erectil dysfunction in men will cause a firm erection that lasts for at least an hour.
  • The drug starts working within five to ten minutes, so most men can get an erection in about 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Depending on the dose, the erection may last for up to one hour.

PDE5 inhibitors

  • PDE5 inhibitors for erectility are the cornerstones of first-line treatment for ED. These drugs block the degrading action of an enzyme called PDE5, which prevents cGMP from exerting downstream erectile effects.
  • There are several PDE5 inhibitors, such as vardenafil and sildenafil, available in the market. Depending on the type of erectile dysfunction a patient has, a doctor may prescribe several.
  • PDE5 inhibitors for erectility in men work by blocking the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which transforms guanylate triphosphate (cGMP) into nitric oxide.
  • The increase in nitric oxide results in better binding of smooth-muscle fibers in the corpus cavernosum and increased blood flow to the penis. you can also try Fildena double 200.

Surgical procedure

  • Surgery is one of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction in men. There are several different types of penis prostheses, but the most common is a surgical procedure call penile augmentation.
  • These implants look like two rigid cylinders inside the penis, but they don’t have any inflation mechanism. Instead, they provide rigidity and allow penetration.
  • Both procedures involve surgery and recovery periods of several weeks.
  • Another option is penile artery surgery, which bypasses the blocked penile arteries and improves blood flow.
  • However, the American Urological Association does not recommend this type of surgery, because it is technically complex and expensive.
  • This surgery is not a good option for men who have atherosclerosis, which affects the blood vessels in the penis. It may damage the penile artery permanently.

Gene therapy

  • It may not be a cure for erectile dysfunction, but gene therapy could be an effective treatment. Researchers have shown that gene transfer can improve sex drive.
  • In fact, a study performed on monkeys showed that the treatment increased sex drive. This therapy is expected to reach the market within two years.
  • However, many questions still remain. What is gene transfer? What is its impact on erectile function?
  • While gene therapy has a long way to go before it can treat ED in humans, it shows great promise. Scientists are now moving beyond animal models to begin clinical trials.
  • Researchers are targeting several genes that can help treat erectile dysfunction. Currently, gene therapy for ED has several promising treatments.
  • Researchers are exploring gene therapy for ED with the help of a cell-based treatment called Maxi-K.


  • There are several types of medications for erectile dysfunction in men. If the cause of the problem is a psychological issue, sex therapy might be the best solution.
  • This type of treatment helps the man’s partner accept the problem and cope with it. Before resorting to invasive treatments, sex therapy is recommend.
  • Low hormone levels may also be a contributing factor. Hormone replacement therapies are available only after careful evaluation by a physician.
  • Vardenafil and tadalafil are two medications commonly use to treat erectile dysfunction. Both drugs work by blocking the enzyme that prevents erections.
  • Vardenafil is most effective, you can take at least one hour before sexual intercourse. It may take with or without food, although high fat meals may inhibit its absorption.
  • Vardenafil usually lasts between four and five hours. A newer version of Vardenafil dissolves on the tongue, which may speed up the absorption of the drug.
  • Tadalafil, on the other hand, works longer and can take at regular intervals. Read more

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