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Top challenges of moving into Dubai and how to address them 

by janeausten
Top challenges of moving into Dubai and how to address them

While moving to an anonymous state is challenging, migrating to a dynamic and advanced city like Dubai can be tricky. Unlike other countries, there’ll be some challenges that you should get prepared for; it’s because backing up with all the required information means you’ve won half of the battle. Likewise, there are a few primary considerations before getting an apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. 

Although there’re numerous factors to acknowledge, we’ll be stating only the pivotal ones to make this guide precise yet informative for you. So let’s get to the details. 

  1. Cultural Shock:

If you’re moving in from a Western state, the cultural shock will be the foremost thing you’ll realize in the wake of landing. However, becoming acclimated to the lifestyle is not hard. Since the UAE is an Islamic nation and follows each custom and custom regarding it, it implies you’ll need to dive more deeply into similar values, or the consequences won’t be alluring.

A portion of the prohibited demonstrations includes wearing revealing outfits, savouring alcohol in public or defying traffic or street norms. Additionally, unmarried couples couldn’t live together as a family. Also therefore, ex-taps should stay aware of the principles as well.

  1. The Scorching heat:

Since life in Dubai climatically resembles living in the desert, a few expats and foreigners can cope with the weather. Burning eyes, migraines, dry throat, and constant sweating are a few factors you can expect when familiar with a new climate. 

It can be a significant mishap for families and children as kids will need most of the time indoors within air-conditioning. Experts say that summers are the hottest time when the temperature rises to almost unbearable levels. Many expats opt for holidays during these months and get to their home countries when they should be enjoying the outdoors. 

  1. Accommodation:

There’s no denying that Dubai offers luxurious accommodation, exhilarating experiences and unforgettable trips. However, you must consider the annual rents of properties in Dubai; unlike the average payment norms, the rental costs are high and must be paid upfront. While some businesses cover the cost for their employees, finding an affordable place to live can be cumbersome. 

Also, a rental agreement wouldn’t work without a real estate agent, so you must hire one. With the recent economic downturn, many landlords are creating feasibility on deals such as paying three to four months’ rent upfront. In contrast, there’ll be adverse consequences for breaking a rental contract.

  1. Cost of Living:

The cost of a decent life in Dubai is relatively higher, so it’s something you must address before getting onboard. However, the usual living cost appears to be decreasing in recent years. Since it’s a city of luxuries, it’s normal to think of it as an expensive deal. With the economic downturn in 2008, that expensiveness has turned to budget-friendliness as the government decreased commodities prices. 

  1. Bureaucracy:

Expats should know that Dubai can be a bureaucratic state due to the licences and allowance needed for many activities. Before buying alcohol, driving a licence, getting a job, or simply leading a peaceful life here. And for this purpose, you’ll need to arrange authentic visas, as you would in any other city. 

Final Words:

Dubai is a plethora of independently owned and extravagant properties offering unbelievable experiences. There might be some obstacles along the way, but it’s nothing to be afraid of if you’ve genuinely set your eyes on moving to Dubai. Start planning your move with a verified property finder in Dubai to avoid future hassles. 


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