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How Maintaining Building Water Systems Can Prevent Legionella?

by janeausten

Several reports of Legionnaires disease have dominated several countries worldwide for quite a few years. With recent outbreaks of this disease, experts found that hotels are the hotspot for this disease to spread like wildfire. Now, people have second thoughts about staying in hotels, but the entire tourism industry faces a downright loss due to the outbreak.

Water is an indispensable part of our lives. You’d understand that all hotels have distinctive water supply units if you think carefully. Water is used everywhere, from cooking to laundry, hot tubs, and pools, given that the availability of water facilitates the hotel to be great. 

Further, it also increases the chance for visitors to be exposed to Legionella. Additionally, the avenue of contamination puts the hotel guests at risk. The repercussion is that even the top-notch hotel names will be dragged through the mud, and their finance will also take a bad hit.

Can Anyone Just Get Legionella?

As a water-borne pathogen, Legionella is responsible for causing the disease, popularly known as Legionnaires. Anyone who travels to different places can contract the disease by inhaling aerosols or tiny water droplets.

Whosoever will get in contact with this pathogen might not contract the disease. Nevertheless, people whose immunity is weak and are in their 50s might be susceptible to the disease. In addition to this, people who suffer from heart, lung, or illness related to kidneys are more likely to contract the disease. The inescapable truth is, when contracted, the condition could prove to be exponentially fatal and sometimes life-threatening as well. Hence, the need for Legionella control is essential today.

Hotels Need To Prioritize Guest And Employees’ Safety

Out of 10 people, one person is most likely to contract the disease. If there is an outbreak of the legionnaires’ disease in a hotel or a resort, the entire infrastructure will be interrupted. Further results in the diminishing of the experience of residing and potential guests. Avoiding this scenario is by planning a robust water management program. The multi-step water management process encompasses a continuous process to:

  • Identify the areas in the designated building where Legionella control is missing. Moreover, these are the places where Legionella could grow and spread
  • Make it a practice to monitor and manage the entire water system
  • Take action the moment the risks are identified


Since 2000, the rate of Legionnaires’ disease has increased nine-fold. The increase in the spread is quite alarming. Legionella can make people sick with the growth of bacteria in water. Recent findings suggest that Legionella multiplies and grow significantly in warm water. Also, if there isn’t a disinfectant to clean the water, cooling towers, showers, and decorative fountains could be contaminated until measures are taken to manage them.

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