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Roadside Assistance is a Necessity, not a Luxury.

by janeausten

It can be expensive to get roadside repairs. You have to pay for towing, driver delays, vehicle downtime, and the time it takes to find someone who can help you. That is why it is helpful to have dedicated roadside assistance. For companies that rely on their fleets, this service can save them money.

While many factors impact fleet operations, unexpected vehicle problems on the road can be particularly disruptive.

Common roadside incidents remain prevalent and costly.

Roadside incidents are common, and even a small problem on the road can leave you stranded. Most fleets see around 33,637 miles between breakdowns. This number varies depending on what type of vehicle you are driving- truckload dry van fleets have the most breakdowns, with only an average of 14,991 miles between them.

Towing a vehicle can be very expensive for businesses. It can also be time-consuming to find someone to help you tow your car if it breaks down. It is especially true if the person who needs help is not in the exact location where the car broke down. Often, back-office staff and fleet managers do not have enough time in their day to find someone to help them tow a car. Drivers‘ schedules are also delayed when they have car issues, meaning they lose productivity, making customers unhappy.

Advantages of roadside assistance for fleets

Professional service is just a phone call or SMS away if you have roadside assistance. It can help keep drivers safe by providing help 24/7. Drivers can also get back on the road quickly. There are savings on the costs associated with vehicle downtime and service fees. You’ll also have peace of mind understanding that vehicles on the road have help waiting for them. Roadside assistance is available for all vehicles, including commercial trucks, light, heavy-duty vehicles, cars, vans, etc.

Fleets should look for solutions that offer:

  • Quick, easy access: Admins and drivers can easily find the roadside-assistance provider’s contact information and necessary vehicle information.
  • Mobile view: Drivers can see call options on their mobile devices through an app.
  • Comprehensive services: Towing, locksmith services, battery boost, fuel delivery, winch service, and tire changes include.
  • 24/7 availability: A service professional is available anytime, anywhere in the U.S.

How does roadside assistance work within an integrated telematics platform?

A roadside assistance feature in an integrated telematics platform can help busy managers keep track of their fleet of vehicles. It will help them meet tight deadlines and ensure the work goes on without any major problems.

When a driver calls dispatch to report a problem with their truck, the manager can make an entry into a computer system that helps track trucks. With the help of technology, the drivers connect to people who can fix the truck quickly. The managers and dispatchers can get back to work quickly while the car is fixed.

What it delivers

Keeping drivers moving helps keep traffic flowing on busy highways. Roadside assistance helps truck drivers stay safe and productive:

  • If you are towed for the first 25 miles, it is free. If you are towed after that, you will need to pay an additional charge. Wincing means helping someone pull their car out of the snow, ice, or mud. They will charge you for this service. If you run out of gas, they will also deliver up to 3 gallons of fuel to your car so that you can start it again.
  • If you have a flat tire or your battery is dead, we can help you. We can also help drivers who lock out their cars. This service does not include the cost of keys, parts, or additional labor.

Protect your fleet on the road

We need to be operational to be profitable in this competitive landscape. Emergency roadside assistance is a quick and affordable way to get coverage, whether a truck needs fuel or a tire change. Brockton-Towing roadside assistance can help your business succeed with its integrated approach. It is essential to have a system that connects all the different parts of our lives. That way, everything works together smoothly.

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