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Know details about breast reduction surgery

by janeausten
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Breast reduction surgery is also known as the reduction mammaplasty. This is a procedure to remove the excess fat and skin from the breasts. 

If one has large breasts, then they might choose to go for surgery of breast reduction in India. This surgery can ease the discomfort of having large breasts and it can also make the breast size proportionate of their body. This surgery can also help to improve one’s self image and their ability to participate in physical activities.

If one is thinking of undergoing surgery to reduce breast size in India, then they must consult a board of certified plastic surgeons. It is important for one to understand what a breast surgery entails and what can be the expectations along with possible complications and risks.

Why this surgery is need?

Well, breast reduction surgery is mainly mean for women who have large breasts and they need to solve health issues like:

  • Chronic rash and skin irritation under the breasts.
  • Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain which needs pain medications.
  • Nerve pains.
  • Difficulty fitting into clothing and bras.
  • Restricted activities
  • Poor self image because of large breasts.

This surgery is not recommend to people who are;

  • Very obese.
  • Have a habit of smoking.
  • Wants to avoid the scars on the breasts.

One can consult the best breast reduction surgeon in India and can undergo the surgery at any age and can also undergo this when they are a teenager but if the breasts are not fully developed, then one may also need a second surgery later on.

It can also postpone their breast reduction surgery if they have certain plans like:

  • Childbirth : if one has not started a family yet and want to do that, then one should wait for their pregnancy. Breast feeding can be challenging if there has been a breast reduction surgery. But there are certain surgical techniques which can help one to preserve the ability to breast feed as well.
  • Weight Loss: If one is interest in losing their body weight by changing their diet or starting an exercise program, then they should wait before undergoing a mammoplasty. This is because; losing weight can also result in the change of the breast size.


Breast reduction surgery has the same risks just like any other major surgeries like – infection, bleeding and any adverse reaction to any sort of anaesthesia. The other possible risks may include:

  • Bruising, which is usually temporary
  • Removal of or loss of sensation in the nipples and skin surrounding the nipples called the areolae
  • Scarring
  • Difficulty or inability to breast feed
  • Difference in shape, size and symmetry of the surgically altered right and left breasts.

Before undergoing a breast surgery the doctors will always evaluate one’s medical health and their overall history. They might also run a few tests of the patients before going for the surgery. In case of lip lift surgery cost in India one can check big hospitals and expert surgeons who can give one the right suggestions.

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