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How do I secure my Orbi Router login network?

by janeausten

It becomes necessary to change the Orbi default password and other settings after configuring your Wi-Fi router. It is essential to do so from a security point of view. It is easy to guess the Orbi router login user ID, IP address, and password if the hacker knows about the brand of your router. 

Steps to secure your Orbi router login network

There we are going to mention some measures to secure your Orbilogin.com wireless connection. First of all, change the IP address, password, and username. For this, you have to log into your router. Then go to the section TOOLS, ADMIN, and click to change the required areas. 

Change your Orbi router login security setup

Step 1: –

Another way to secure your Orbi admin login network is to change the security encryptions in your router. Go and click on the web browser of your mobile or laptop. Type the IP address in the Addy of the browser []. Then click the enter key. Now, you have to enter the Orbi default password and username. Or you can leave the password field blank. Admin will be used as the username and password as well. 

Step 2: –

At the Orbi router login page, navigate the cursor to click on the SETUP tab from the top left corner of the screen. And then, enter into the “Wireless Settings” field. Click here the drop-down menu, and from the Wireless Security, you have to select “WPA-Personal Encryptions.” From the WPA Mode, go to the WPA section, then type the WPA you think is most suitable to protect your Orbilogin.com wireless connection. 

Step 3: –

WPA and WPA2 Mode are the most balanced and strong security Modes for the Orbi router login network. It maintains a higher level of security legacy with the clients. For better results, use only WPA2 Mode, as it uses AES (CCMP) Cipher. Now go to the Pre-Shared key box, and enter the desired Pre-Shared key, which is the Orbi admin login password. It allows you to communicate between your encrypted clients and the encrypted wireless signals coming from the WIFI router. Your Orbi default password, which is now customized, should contain at least eight characters with the latter. 

My Orbi router login is not connecting to the satellite! Why? 

Sometimes our Wi-Fi router does not function properly and keeps dropping the connection with the satellite and thus from other wireless devices also. Sometimes your Orbi firmware gets frozen automatically, and sometimes its speed slow-down and gives low wireless signals. These are some common issues you may experience in your Orbi admin login network. Let us discuss some Basic causes behind such errors.

Your satellite might not be getting proper ventilation >>

You should place your Orbi satellite and the router in an open and well-ventilated area to get a room for range transfer. If it is not getting proper airflow, it will overheat. And then, your Orbi firmware shows degradation in the performance. That is why it is advised to place the satellite and the WiFi router in an open and centralized location of your home. Overheating can also cause severe damage to your Orbi admin login network.

An Obsolete Orbi firmware- Orbi router and the satellite>>

Firmware plays a major role in the proper functioning of your router. If it is not up-to-date, you might face all the above-mentioned issues due to old or expired firmware versions. Firmware is the brain of the router as it is the programming of your WiFi router. The Orbi firmware tells the way to function the router and satellite. Whenever a bug, malicious file, and virus enter your wifi network, a firmware update will help you get rid of all issues.

Check Malware and viruses in your WiFi router>>

Perform a factory reset either using the soft console via Orbilogin.com network or via the reset button. In the web-based console, open the browser and navigate the search bar to the web-based utility to get the setup page. From there, you will hit the maintenance to reset the router. In the reset button, you have to press the reset button on your router for more than 15 to 20 minutes to get the router into its factory default settings. 

Check the position of antennas in your WiFi router>>

The position of the antennas is also important to get the best performance out of your Orbi router login page. When you keep the antennas in a straight position, then you get better horizontal coverage. If you move your antennas sideways, you will get better vertical coverage. It is better to move the antennas in both directions to get excellent signals from all around the corners. 

Try reducing overcrowded wireless channels>>

Changing the wireless channels also helps to solve the dropping and freezing issues. There are free apps which you can download and check the wireless networks and Orbi firmware updates in your locality. If there are a lot of neighbours with the WIFI networks around you, you should try changing the WIFI channel and Orbi default password so that you get less traffic interference. An Orbi admin login is required using the browser to change the wireless channel. After that, go to SETTINGS>Wireless>Disable Smart Connect>Advanced Settings. And then, change the wireless channels for your bands.  

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