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Communicate Internally and Externally Using Motion Design

by janeausten
Communicate Internally and Externally Using Motion Design

Every company knows that a well-rehearsed marketing strategy is the assurance of sustainability. Therefore, you must carefully choose the communication that will best represent your brand. Video, the tool of choice for marketers, makes it possible to communicate effectively on internal and external projects. Associated with motion design, it optimizes the understanding of information and represents a more than beneficial investment for the company. You can cover all subjects in a motion design clip: explain cutting-edge technology, present a new product, or simply thank your collaborators.

Animated video for your internal communication and your e-training

What is internal communication?

Internal communication represents the communication actions carried out within a production company near me for its employees. It is generally in close contact with the human resources department.

To use motion design in your internal communication.

The motion design video lends itself perfectly to the objectives of internal communication:

– Short, it is a real-time saver.

– Visual, it simplifies complex subjects.

To maintain team cohesion and perpetuate its internal skills, a company must communicate with its employees.

Very often associated with advertising communication, video is also a good internal communication medium. This format is suitable for transcribing the key figures of your activity and even training your employees.

Do you want to share your annual report? Communicate about your internal mobility process? Develop the skills of your employees? Motion design adapts to all your projects and energizes your content.

For example, Groupe SEB has developed its internal mobility process. For more efficiency, he chose to communicate on the subject via motion design video. This film, produced by the Malevolent Mouse Productions, presents the process in an original and dynamic way compared to the classic paper format.

Motion design to communicate externally

What is external communication?

External communication represents all of a company’s actions aimed at an external audience: the general public, partners, etc. The three objectives of external communication can be summed up as making your brand known, making your brand loved and getting your customers and future customers to act. It generally relies on brand identity to distinguish itself from the competition.

Why use motion design in your external communication?

The motion design video lends itself perfectly to the objectives of promotional communication:

– Short, it is easily memorized.

– Visual, it knows how to capture attention.

– Practical, it is customizable and can be done remotely.

At a time when consumers are constantly overwhelmed with information, motion design video deciphers complex subjects to broadcast only the essentials. This format respects the graphic charter of the company while hooking the viewer. This is the ideal showcase to let you know!

Do you want to present a new product? Communicate the values ​​of your brand? The motion design adapts to your needs and captures your audience.

For example, Rhonexpress aimed to present the concept of the project to its users. From the call for tenders through to design and operation, the company wanted to be totally transparent with its users. The realization of a promotional clip in motion design makes it possible to approach the desired subjects while immersing the spectator in a particular universe. It incorporates the codes and values ​​of the brand.

Video is also very effective for web communication. It generates many more engagements than simple text and represents more than 80% of online traffic. It can be broadcast on your website, on your social networks, and even in your e-mailing campaigns. So yes, video has a real interest in your communication. It helps to keep the link with your e-community.

Finally, to communicate effectively with quality content internally and externally, have your video produced in motion design by audiovisual experts. video companies near me, like Malevolent Mouse Productions, support you in your projects and take charge of all stages of production.

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