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What is Positive Mental Health & Treatment

by janeausten

Mental health is simply caring for that pink, heavy mass between your ears. It is protecting your brain so that later it protects you even without you knowing it. Caring for your brain is educating your mind and having an educated mind can mean a lot of good things. An educated, positive mind is like a well-conditioned ballerina. A ballerina has perfect control over her muscles. Likewise having positive mental health is having control over your emotions. These all treatment are verified from psychiatrist cleveland ohio.

What is Positive Mental Health?

Positive mental health is not the absence of emotional problems or stress or disturbing situations. Mental health is the ability to function normally, simultaneously healthily managing daily stressors. Positive Mental health is planting more positive emotions and growing strengths than the absence of negative emotions and weaknesses. Weaknesses are present in every human being. Even the ones with mental well-being. But polishing those weaknesses and looking at the brighter side is considered having positive mental health. These are some of the categories of having positive mental health:

  • Control Over Your Emotions.

There are times when you are broken and fallen apart. You are required to deal with trauma or bad experiences. Or maybe your life seems running out of track. These are the situations when life examines you on your mental health. In such situations, if you are able to control the flow of your emotions you become able to grow coping mechanisms against stressors.

Moreover, you feel that the remote control of your life is in your hands and that you are free to make your life choices. You are not emotionally centered and your life is not driven only by emotions. Whatever may life throws at you, you understand that you cannot control everything that happens to you. But you can always decide how you respond to it. So a person with positive mental health will not worry about what they cannot control and rather worry about what they can.

Realizing One’s Own Potential.

Why is it that when we think about realizing one’s potential we think of magnifying talents as high profile as the dancer, footballer, or award-winning scholar? The truth is your potentials can show up in a variety of packages. You may have the potential to keep your room organized all the time. You may have a knack for writing, chess, drama, and many more. It does not matter what category your talent lies in, practicing something you enjoy doing and recognizing your talent in it is positive mental health.

If you are funny and you can crack jokes that is a potential too. It only takes you to accept it as your skills and do more of it. You can do standing comedy, create a hilarious jokes blog, or start running an Instagram page, look around there are a lot of ways to utilize your potentials only you need to realize that and show a positive attitude. If you lag in behaviour then you should click on cleveland center for cognitive therapy.

  • Self-Esteem and Self Confidence.

Fertilizing yourself with confidence is having an “I can do it” attitude towards every challenge you face, no matter how big the challenge is. Having faith in yourself and believing yourself at each step you take is the evidence of having positive mental health. In addition, you make a positive self-image and prosper in light of that image. You are important to you and you are your top priority. You love yourself more that does not mean you become a narcissist, rather you show some self-care. And you consider yourself worthy of being loved. So every act you do, you are confident that you can accomplish the goal with success and you know that you will get it right.

  • Willingness to Try New Activities.

It has been observed that those people, who show positive behavior have this urge to try out new activities, show open-mindedness, and also like to socialize. This is stepping out of their comfort zone. And people with positive mental health are more than happy to step out. Such people enjoy the unknown territory outside their comfort zone. It is challenging to explore besides one’s comfort, yet these people accept the challenge. Let’s call the other zone the courage zone because it requires one to stretch out of familiar things. It includes adventure, challenge, and risk. When one is open to embracing them they learn to conquer their fears and act in the face of fear.

One reflecting psychiatrist cleveland ohio is aware that the courage zone contains pressure, uncertainty, but opportunity, therefore, to grow their full potential they step into this zone of uncertainty.    


Nobody lives a life without worries or all butterflies life. Normal stressors, negative experiences, accidents, and sadness are all part of a normal life. It is the presence of positive emotions that helps you deal with trauma and depression. Those of you who have positive mental health go through depression and stress but you have the ability to bounce back easily. When you show mental resilience despite torturing situations that behavior is reflecting positive mental health.

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