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Home Improvement: Benefits of Having Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

by janeausten

Dryer vent fires are currently the leading reason for house fires across and are more frequent than chimney fires. Dryer vents are among the things that are away from sight in the back of your mind, items that are too costly to overlook. If you find how the lint trap in dryers (even one that is brand new) can remove or blocks 80percent of the lint, you will realize that it’s essential to wash your exhaust every once each year.

Dryer lint is highly explosive, and in the right conditions, it can trigger a fire in the dryer, typically expanding through the venting system that can spread the flame rapidly through your home. When a dryer is doing its job, around one to two pound of water gets removed, the lint trap holds lint, and the air is forced through its exhaust system. Over time, the excess lint builds up inside your dryer and in the venting or exhausting system. The airflow is limited, the dryer works harder, and the motor heats up. In excessive lint accumulation, the dryer is an ideal candidate for a dryer fire.

Make sure the lint trap is not damaged and that you clean it before every drying cycle. If the lint is damp on the lint trap, it could be time to Dryer Vent Cleaning boise Idaho. Additionally, the screen for lint is recommended to be scrubbed lightly every once a week and then washed using gentle dishwashing soap. Take a look at your outside vent Hood outside your house when your dryer is in operation the flaps appear to be moving. Are you able to feel any airflow? If not, it’s time to have your dryer’s cleaning system, and the dryer checked.

Inspect around your dryer for lint that has fallen on the floor. This is a signal that the dryer’s exhaust system must be cleaned. If your clothes require more than one dry cycle, it could indicate that your dryer’s exhaust needs cleaning immediately. Never dry any clothing or rags soaked in any flammable substance. It could trigger an explosive situation inside your dryer.

A few products on the internet can be used for cleaning your exhausts, such as rods with brushes that can be connected to a high-powered drill. A majority of these tools aren’t the best and can perform a poor job on dryer vents exceeding 10′. It is essential to consult a professional before cleaning your dryer vent due to the various situations that could and might be faced. A few of these are improper vent types, disconnected or loose vents, or vents with too many bends and angles. A professional who cleans dryer vents typically has different cleaning equipment based on the particular situation. It is essential to inquire with the expert who handles your dryer vent whether they can perform repairs or upgrades on the spot since about 50% of tasks they are faced with will require something similar to this.

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