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What criteria must be observed when buying a car shampoo?

by janeausten

The Stiftung Warentest does not yet have a car shampoo test in the program.

but we would like to recommend the following criteria for the purchase of car shampoo. Paint compatibility – not all are suitable for nano coat

The decisive factor here is whether it is, for example, a matt, metallic or Unico at, or nano or clear coat.

For this purpose, we have once again compiled the most important types for you:

  • Metallic lacquer
  • Unilack
  • Nanocoat
  • Clear coat
  • Matt lacquer

Material compatibility – be careful with acrylic and foils

Another category is material compatibility, as it depends on the car shampoo.

the attacks of the surfaces of certain external attachments of the vehicle in question or not. You should also pay attention to the compatibility with certain types of fabric, such as those found in convertibles.

The decisive factor for material compatibility is basically the pH value. At neutral pH, there is the lowest risk of paint damage. For the care of your classic or youngtimer, your personal car shampoo test winner should therefore be pH-neutral.

In which cases should the car shampoo also be suitable for chromium?

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One more classification is material similarity

as it relies upon whether the vehicle cleanser goes after the surfaces of specific outside connections of the vehicle being referred to or not. You ought to likewise focus on the similarity with particular sorts of texture, like those found in convertibles.

Sealing properties – lotus effects of short duration

In the following chapter, we would like to point out that some types of car shampoo are not only suitable for removing dirt.

but can also seal the paint layer, as is the case with car polishes and waxes.

Often one finds in-car shampoo additives

such as “high gloss” or “lotus effect”, which promises a high water repudiation in allusion to the lotus flower.

However, car shampoo tests show that a vehicle exterior wash with said shampoo-type primarily.

and serves to clean the paint and is at a disadvantage in terms of sealing protection compared to real waxes and polishes.

Frequently one finds in-vehicle cleanser added substances, for example, “shiny” or “lotus impact”, which guarantees a high water disavowal in suggestion to the lotus blossom. Notwithstanding, vehicle cleanser tests show that a vehicle outside wash with said cleanser type basically cleans the paint and is in a difficult situation as far as fixing assurance contrasted with genuine waxes and cleans.

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