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Top 5 Most Loved Major Festivals In India!!

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Top 5 Most Loved Major Festivals In India!!

Indian culture is the most diverse culture in the world. There are many different languages, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs in India. However, despite having several different cultures, India is known for unity in diversity and the largest democracy in the world.

Most Loved Major Festivals In India

Here in India, we have numerous festivals, of which some celebrate regionally while the major ones are at the national level. The list of festivals is huge, but we’ll be covering only a few out of those which are everyone’s favorite.


Diwali is the biggest festival in India. Every culture, ethnicity, or religion celebrates this festival with full enthusiasm. In fact, this festival is now a part of the global tradition, and many countries celebrate the Diwali festival. It is a five-day celebration that starts with Dhanteras on day 1, Naraka Chaturdashi on day 2, Laxmi Puja on day 3, Govardhan Pooja on day 4, and ends with Bahidooj on day 5.

Laxmi Pujan is the most important day of the Diwali celebration as it signifies the victory of good over evil. Gifting is a part of the Diwali celebration. People send their regards to their friends, relatives, and associates through online flower delivery in India or by sending a pack of traditional sweets to their homes.


Holi is also one of the most popular festivals in India. The festive celebration lasts for two days. On the first day, there’s a traditional ritual called Holika Dahan, which signifies the destruction of evil. People gather around the Holika Dahan and pray for their family’s good health and the destruction of evil inside them.

The next day is the day for celebration where people visit their friends and families and smear them with beautiful colors.


Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the bond between siblings. The festival of Rakshabandhan is not just prevalent in India but wherever Indians reside across the globe. The festival is full of fun, including family get-togethers to numerous fun activities.

A traditional way of celebrating Rakshabandhan involves a ritual where sisters tie an amulet(Rakhi) to their brother’s wrist and exchange sweets following it. Gift-giving is a traditional part of Rakshabandhan. Both sister and brother greet each other with something special. Sisters living abroad or far from places use the gifting platform for online rakhi delivery in India to their brother’s residence.


Ramadan is a month-long festival for the Muslim community in India commemorating Muhammad’s first revelation. The celebration includes predawn and nightly feasts, while it’s customary to go through fasting from dawn to sunset. It is not binding for the people persistently sick, old, or voyaging to go for fasting.

The meal before the sunrise is suhur, while the feast at night is called iftar. The end of the month, when the moon is visible in the night sky, is the final and most important day of celebration called Eid. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated as the holiday of breaking the month-long fast by Muslims worldwide.


Christmas is already a global festival celebrated on the 25th of December worldwide. The day signifies and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ among the Christian community around the world. In India, Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm. People from the Christian community go to churches and offer their prayers to Jesus Christ. They adorn their homes with lights and enhancing stuff and welcome companions and family members for Christmas festivities.

Cutting the Christmas cake is a tradition on the day of Christmas. They serve the cake as a welcome sweet to all their guests, and the celebration begins. Singing songs and other fun activities make the celebration joyous and eventful, while the delicious food cannot go unnoticed.


These are the top 5 most loved festivals in India. Everybody is excited and eagerly waits for these festivals to happen once a year. However, the enthusiasm and joy of celebrating these festivities are going high year by year.

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