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Cookies of web browsers – Importance and Safety Issues

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Cookies of web browsers - Importance and Safety Issues

The files containing useful information about the surfing habits, server setting, and browser type are known as cookies of web browsers. After collecting the data, the web servers place the cookies on the users’ hard drives. The web servers use this information to identify the users. The web browsers use these cookies to store useful information about the users, like usernames and the interests of the users and much more. The cookies are browser-specific. Having one web browser means that domains can’t read or write these cookies.

Features of Cookies:

The cookies of web browsers are in the form of a message. This message is passed through the webserver to the web browser while visiting internet sites. These messages are stored in the server in the form of small files, and they are using these cookies to enhance their users’ experience. The browsers are installing these cookies at different locations.

Importance of the Cookies of web browsers:

Web browsers are using these cookies to provide many benefits. The most important benefits of the website cookies are given below;

  • Convenience:

With the help of cookies, web browsers are providing convenience to users. By using cookies, the web browsers keep a record of the websites that you have visited. Web browsers use these to give recommendations according to your preferences. The cookies of web browsers are also helpful in filling out the forms. While filling out the forms, you don’t need to type the address and other information again and again. The cookies of web browsers save this information and present this information when you are filing a form. Nowadays, most shopping websites are also using cookies.

  • Personalisation:

The web browsers are also using cookies for personalisation. It means that they are using the cookies to show personalised content regarding your preferences. For example, watching a specific video on YouTube will show the relevant videos in the suggestions. Similarly, Amazon is also using cookies for personalisation. Amazon shows personalised content to the customers based on their shopping preferences. Facebook is also using cookies for all of its products and why you are seeing personalised content on Facebook.

  • Effective Advertising:

These cookies are also helpful in running marketing campaigns. That’s why we see personalised ads while browsing different websites. Web browsers collect useful data from users. They collect useful information about the users, like their interests, geolocation, demographics, etc. After collecting this useful information, they pass it out to the advertising companies. The advertising companies are running effective advertising campaigns by using this information. As a result, they can show the ads for the products and services to potential customers.

  • Ease Of Control:

The web browsers also provide easy control over these cookies to the users. If you don’t like to show your information to the web browsers, you can delete your browsing history. All the web browsers provide easy access to web browsers to delete cookies and decide what you want to share. The users need to go to the tools in the settings. After visiting tools, they should click on history.

By clicking on ‘Clear history’, you can easily clear the browsing history from your computer. These cookies are stored in the form of text files on your computer. You can also delete them by opening the text editor on your computer. Or on the top left corner, there is a cookies con, and select that and mark the things you want the cookies to store and customise it according to your preferences.

Safety Issues Of Cookies of web browsers:

There are some security issues for the users. These issues are:

  • Privacy:

One of the most important safety issues of the cookies of web browsers is privacy. Its reason is that cookies keep track of all the websites you have visited. Third parties like advertisers can easily access your browsing history without getting permission from the users. Some users can also collect useful information by accessing your browsing history. Sometimes, government agencies are also collecting the browsing history of their residents. Under such situations, these cookies can create some problems for you.

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