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8 Best Online Classes of 2022 offering French Language Courses

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If studying French is on your wishlist, there has not been a great time.

How so? Because you can start preparing for any goal, from exploring the heritage of Paris to getting jobs in Quebec, out from the convenience of your living room sofa.

The good news is that, according to MIT research, online learning is equally as successful as traditional schooling. And, with a plethora of online French courses available, you won’t be wasting time commuting to your language lesson.

However, the only minute you may waste is looking for the finest online French courses for you…

8 best Online Classes for French Language courses

Don’t stress, we’ve got your back! We’ve done the legwork to provide you with a fantastic variety of courses and all the details you require to make an informed choice quickly. Take a look at our concise assessments of the finest online French courses.


Learning a language through books and documentaries will only get you so far. Taking French classes from a professional instructor will help you become proficient. This is the premise of Preply, a platform that links you with instructors to provide 1-on-1 video discussion sessions tailored to your specific requirements.

Select an instructor based on their profile, your availability, and your budget. Then go through the first lesson with them and come up with coursework to assist you to accomplish your goals. The tutor is similar to a speech trainer in that he or she is only concerned with taking you (rather than a group of other students) from the fundamentals of French to a higher level.


To guide you through the path of mastering French, Frenchtoday focuses on the magic of storytelling. Each lesson is built around audiobooks that tell a tale while giving instructions, new French vocabulary, and modern-day intonation. You can pick across three learning speeds (slow, articulated, and normal) to become acquainted with the topic.

There are four different levels (beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced). Every level includes two podcasts with subtitles, making it suitable for both visual and auditory students.


It will take you about 15 and 20 minutes to finish. Then, after submitting your work, you will receive emails with your study results, comments, and conversation and video transcripts.

There are no dull, stuffy academic books included in the content, which is current and interesting. Rather, the AI engine creates your material depending on your preferences and test results. You may get up to five classes each week, and there are three monthly membership options (Basic, Premium, and Pro).


FrenchPod101 is a fantastic alternative if you are an auditory learner seeking a lot of audio (and some video) information. This system guarantees that you will be speaking French from lesson one, with an emphasis on discussions centered on practical issues. Excerpts, remarks, and visual information is also available for visual learners.

The Basic plan has far limited functionality than the Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. When you upgrade to Premium, you have access to a plethora of materials, such as phrase banks, quizzes, and audio recording systems that allow you to capture and contrast your accent with native experts.

Français Authentique

Do you enjoy studying in a group setting? So go no further; Français Authentique is the place to be! French Authentique has a program named “l’Académie” (French for “The Academy”). Those online French lessons are built around two main pillars:

  • The first is a massive library of information (audio, video, and textual) that users may study on their own.
  • The network of participants is the cornerstone. Through online group sessions, you may communicate with them as well as instructors. You may also hone your writing talents with them in their Facebook and Telegram groups.


Pimsleur is a well-known name when it comes to learning languages. It is based on a philosophy that enables you to study in context, beginning with the most fundamental situation of presenting oneself and progressing to more complicated real-life settings.

Its 30-minute sessions emphasize organic learning by combining French grammar, vocab, rhythms, melody, and accent. It states that pupils should be reminded of new vocabulary and structures at precise intervals to ensure maximal preservation and retention in their long-term memory.

Live Lingua

If you enjoy surfing across free content that combines text and music, have a peek at Live Lingua’s free services. This digital French lesson has united various French courses from schools such as the US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute into one site.

To be fair, this stuff is a little dated, so if you like contemporary, up-to-date content, this isn’t for you.


A platform LearnPlant has its in-house native french teacher and is known for its initiative for sustainable learning. They encourage online learning with Sherebanu a one-to-one teacher and also tree plantation for a better environment by learning the greener way.

Sherebanu’s demonstrations are present on the screen to provide visual learners with the clues they need to understand. In fact, each course includes an online exam that allows you to practice and evaluate your learning. You may also receive the audio version of the lecture and the PDF assistance guide.

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