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10 Unpleasant Situations I Experienced While Traveling

by janeausten
10 Unpleasant Situations I Experienced While Traveling

I have had some memorable experiences during my while traveling as a travel blogger. But also some misadventures. Nothing terrible as you will see.

I’m not a big adventurer in general. I mean compared to others. Also, I’ve never had a big problem while traveling and most importantly (fingers crossed), I’ve never been mugged. In fact, I never felt in danger.

1. I find myself at the police station for a photo – Mali

The scene takes place in a town in western Mali. A man thought I was taking his picture and of course, seeing that I’m white, he thought he was profiting from it by filing a complaint. He must have developed my film and the police lieutenant noticed that he couldn’t be seen on the picture. And for good reason, it was too far. The plaintiff got his money’s worth and I, in the end, had a good time with the commissioner talking about photography.

2. I damage one of my photo lenses – Nepal

In my backpack, I made the mistake of putting both my lens and a bottle of water…poorly closed. During the walk, it opened and made my lens unusable. Luckily, I managed to get it repaired at traveler photos shop in Kathmandu. Since then, I double check if the bottle is properly closed! Or I avoid putting one in the same compartment!

3. A scooter accident – ​​Indonesia

This happened to me last summer on the island of Pulau Weh. Fortunately, nothing serious, just a burn on my foot which prevented me from diving. It could have been much worse!

4. A night in the desert, without water – Mali

In a crowded 4×4, I drive to Timbuktu. During the night, the vehicle’s brakes failed. The driver is forced to leave us on the roadside in order to return to the nearest town While Traveling. We spend the night on the ground at the edge of the track. It’s almost the desert. The next day, still no 4×4 in sight, the sun is starting to beat down, no shade and no more water. Finally, the 4×4 will appear a few hours later.

5. Victim of amoebiasis – India

One of the most painful health problems that one can catch in a country of the South. Pretty common though. Fever and constant back and forth to the toilet… Being in a big city, after a few tests, the doctor prescribed me the appropriate medication. Phew!

6. Malaria victim – Nigeria

This is the only time, so far, where I have caught this serious infection caused by a mosquito. I can tell you that I was damn sick and weak for a week despite the medication. Fortunately, this malaria was not recurrent. Phew! But I would come back to it.

7. A Bad Encounter – Morocco

In Casablanca, a man approaches me in the street. Telling him that I am looking for an open bar (it was Ramadan), he accompanies me to show me an open address. Along the way, he tries to sell me an herb that is supposed to cure a skin problem. Once in the bar, his “apothecary” friend arrives in 5mm.

Of course, everything seems suspicious to me, I tell him that I am not interested (especially for 30 euros!) and there I am insulted like never before! By the two who disappear as quickly as they appeared. A little later, in a street While Traveling, a man comes up to me and insults me. A friend to the other two. This remains the most unpleasant encounter I have had while travelling.

8. Crime and Corruption – Laos

On a scooter, I run a red light in spite of myself. I make the mistake of stopping at the signal of a traffic policeman present at the crossroads. This one takes me the keys of the scooter and asks me 50 dollars for the fine. Obviously While Traveling, this will go directly into his pockets.

9. The border between Nigeria and Benin

At the time, I often went on weekends to Cotonou in Benin. On the Nigerian side, a multitude of roadblocks stand on the road before arriving at the border post: state police, federal police, local police, army, customs… Everyone goes there with their racket. And then, arrived at the border post, the climate is still tense. In short, crossing this border has always been a bad time for me.

10. Border posts in Eastern Europe

I never liked those borders of Eastern Europe too much. It is true that here, I am talking to you about 4 or 5 years ago. Sinister mine of the customs officers, long queue, attempts at racketeering, in short, it was folkloric! The highlight was the border post with Transnistria, we had to drop bottles of wine to cross the border of this ghost state. But it was pretty funny!

I could have added my horse fall in Colombia. As you see, it’s not big stuff. With hindsight, it makes for good anecdotes to tell. From there to say that it is better to sometimes have some problems while traveling so that it is more intense, there is a step that perhaps I would not cross.

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