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Get Jio Free Data Using These Tips And Tricks

by janeausten

Do you wish to get Free Data with Jio?

If you want data for free, you will be happy to know that I am here with some exciting tricks. These tips and tricks can help you get up to 10GB of free Jio data. There are multiple ways to get free data, and I will share the most common ones with you through this article.

I will also share some Jio Free Data Codes that will help you get some additional data recharge along with the said ways. So, hold tight and enjoy the tips and tricks I have shared in this article with you.

Indian traditions tell you never to visit someone empty-handed. Following the same rule, there are multiple applications on the PlayStore that brings free data with them.

You need to download these applications using the correct link. After that, you need to create your account with those applications using some specific codes. Doing the mentioned things should do the trick for How to get Free Internet?

I am mentioning the names of such applications that bring Free Data with Jio. Get through with this list, and I will share the links and codes in the later article, so keep reading.

  • Rozdhan App
  • Happy Box
  • Earn Easy
  • Fydo App
  • Sika App
  • Mcent Browser

These are the few applications that I could gather for you. There might be more, and I would love for you to share them with us. Until then, let us see the other ways to get Free Data with Jio.

We all shop for groceries, but there is one thing that we miss. We check all the offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 50% OFF, other Discounts, and more, but we do not keep an eye for offers that might bring us free data.

For example, when you buy a 1kg Pack of Wheel Active Washing Powder, you get a Jio Free Data Code with the pack. You can redeem such codes through the MyJio App and get the promised benefits of the code.

Jio offers Free Vouchers to its users on various occasions. When you get such vouchers, make sure that you take notice of their expiration date. You must avail these vouchers before they expire by using the correct procedure.

You can find such offers, their links, the codes required to avail of these benefits, and every other related information in this article: Jio Free Internet Tricks 2022: Get Free Data without Recharge.

In addition to the ways mentioned above to get free data in Jio sim, there is a thing called Jio Engage. It is a program run by Jio to keep its users engaged with them. What is a better way to do it than by offering its users luring benefits for their participation?

To avail the benefits of Jio Engage, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the MyJio app from the Play Store.
  • Create your account using your Jio Mobile Number.
  • Scroll the horizontal list of options to find ‘Engage’.
  • Click on it and explore various activities.
  • Enroll in the one that gets you free data.

Jio keeps bringing multiple new offers where you can get free data for your Reliance Jio Sim, talk time, and so much more. To get it, you will be required to watch a few videos and answer some simple questions related to those videos. Once you give correct answers, you will win the various free data amounts like I just won 100MB.

I tried Jio Engage before mentioning it to you. I got 300MB immediately after getting into the chatbox, where I had to watch a video and then answer simple questions related to it. I won 100MB, but you can win 200MB, Reliance Jio Recharge for 3 Months, and other special prizes.

I am off to getting more free MB for myself.


To conclude this article in a few lines, you should know that multiple applications let you get Free Data with Jio. I hope you give these applications a chance to offer you some additional data for yourself. Try the Jio Engage program run by the telecom operator because it’s fun, easy, and quick.

Once you have availed of these free data tricks, come back to the article and share your experience with other users so that they also get motivated to do the same.

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