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Types of Concealed Carry Cases and Best Materials

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Types of Concealed Carry Cases and Best Materials

If you got a gun, you might consider keeping it Best Materials hidden when carrying it. However, this requires a concealed carry case. With several options available, choosing the best type and material of case can be difficult. You will have to make a choice based on your personal needs and preferences. At Lone Star Holsters, we create a variety of custom leather holsters to select from. Also, quality leather, our goods come up with elegant expertise. Whether you prefer utility or style or want to strike a balance between the two, we can meet your needs.

What type of case should you use?

As mentioned earlier,Best Materials there are cases in different designs and styles. Whether a particular case is right for you depends on your comfort, ease of use, and your personal design choices.

Shoulder Holster Systems

These holsters are slung over the wearer’s shoulder with straps so that the pistol pocket remains around the ribs. The leather straps are firm but move perfectly with the body. You can also opt for a double shoulder rig, which comes with straps for both shoulders. While one side houses the gun, the other houses extra ammo.

Holsters inside the waist

As the term suggests, you can easily tuck this type of holster inside your shirt and hide it away. You might want to opt for a model Best Materials that locks below the waistband. This would make it easier to draw the pistol and prevent the holster from coming out. Inside waist holsters are a good choice when concealment is a priority.

Belt Zipper Holsters

If you’re looking for a lightweight option, an ultra-compact zipper case is a good choice. It is basically a leather sleeve that can be attached to the belt to create a pocket. The wearer can easily slide the gun muzzle in and out of this sleeve, making the gun easy to access and draw. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and other clothing can Best Materials effectively conceal these cases.

Western platforms

This is yet another type of holster that offers excellent draw speed. It consists of a rigid pistol belt, a metal holster, and flared tops. This holster is a great option for people looking for a classic western cowboy style gun belt.

Service platforms

Service rigs are one of the best holsters for professionals, such as law enforcement officials. You can opt for a bespoke service platform, depending on the firearm you need it for. One of the main advantages of service rigs is that they come with pockets for extra magazines and other accessories, such as flashlights, handcuffs, batons, etc.

What material is best for gun holsters?

Leather has generally been the traditional material for gun holsters. With regular use, the leather begins to form into the design and shape of the gun, eventually becoming the arm slings. Additionally, leather cases can be aesthetically pleasing with intricate and elegant designs.

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