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Top 5 Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Any Website

by janeausten
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Since its inception, social media marketing has been a highly sought-after platform for aspiring companies and marketers looking to raise brand recognition and establish a strong social media presence.

Brands soon followed, including social media in their marketing. Due to their remarkable appearance, visual platforms have paved the road to becoming the most powerful and influential of all social media platforms.

When it comes to visual-dominated networks, Instagram undoubtedly ranks first owing to its capacity to keep users interested for extended periods of time. Instagram’s large user base of more than 500 million daily active users illustrates how popular it has become among social media users.

Smart marketers have adapted their techniques to take advantage of this, and have begun to add an Instagram feed on their websites for optimal value. Think again if you think the process is complicated and requires technical skills and other knowledge.

Using a responsive Instagram widget tool, the process is simple. Even though there are several tools available online, it is critical to choose the best one. However, if you’re not sure which tool to use, keep reading to the end of the post.

Highly Used Tools To Embed Instagram Widget On Your Website 

1. Taggbox Widget

The Taggbox widget is the first tool on the list: Taggbox widget is an excellent tool for gathering social media content, including Instagram content. Before collecting content, users can choose their connection type on the platform. They can aggregate content from a variety of sources like hashtags, usernames, etc. This way the users can ensure dynamic content on their website. 

Users may also take advantage of the platform’s other capabilities to boost the efficacy and impact of their widget. The tool comes with a variety of customization options like fonts, themes, templates, colors, etc., to make the widget more attractive. 

Content moderation is a major aspect for brands to ensure the premium quality of content on their website. Taggbox widget offers a profanity filter to eliminate any irrelevant content from the Instagram widget. Other features of the tool are automatic content updates, advanced analytics to track the performance of the widget, and a team for assisting users if they encounter any technical issues while using the tool. 

2. Flockler

Flockler is another wonderful tool for integrating Instagram feeds on websites that allow users to harvest Instagram content from hashtags, mentions, usernames, and other sources.

In terms of customization, users may pick from a wide range of choices such as colors, fonts, and other elements to boost the Instagram widget’s usefulness.

Overall, the tool is really helpful and simple to use. It has a simple structure and is simple to integrate.

3. Tagembed

It’s a simple social media aggregation tool that lets you gather content from a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, and integrate it on your website in a few simple clicks.

The tool’s powerful capabilities make it simple to use. Users of the platform may gather the content based on the connection type they choose. The tool’s users may personalize the social networking widget with a variety of choices such as themes, fonts, and layouts. The widget’s content can be moderated by users by eliminating undesired or irrelevant items.

4. Juicer

When it comes to social media aggregators, the term juicer is rather popular. Users may collect social media content from practically any social media network, including Instagram, using the tool.

The finest aspect of Juicer is that consumers don’t have to keep refreshing the input codes all of the time. Users may also apply filters to the Instagram widget to make it more aesthetically attractive. The profanity filter allows users to control the material and eliminate any undesired or irrelevant text from the widget.

5. Official Instagram Embedding

Instagram also provides users with an official embedding option. Users may easily integrate their favorite posts on their website by copying and pasting the code.

Users must simply choose the post and press the embed button. Copy and paste the obtained embed code into the website’s backend. While this solution appears to be simple, it is time-consuming and only allows users to integrate one post at a time. As a result, we recommend that you consider the alternative choices indicated.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

This concludes this article, and you now have a better understanding of the best solutions for collecting and embedding Instagram posts on your website.

Including Instagram’s vibrant presence on your website is a no-brainer strategy for increasing engagement, creating social proof, and adding brightness to your site.

Now go ahead and pick the tool that best suits your needs and use it in your marketing initiatives!

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