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How have SOCIAL MEDIA networks evolved as a communication channel in the field of business? As usual, companies tend to consolidate phases, as do users. They’re not risking too much. And in the case of social networks, their evolution has been slow.

While we are still emerging from the early stages, we are on the right track. In my opinion, we have already passed the stage of innovators and  early adopters,  and we are at  the beginning of the third stage

With this evolution, the presence of social media companies is no longer a special action (or an excuse to take a press release), but rather to start being part of the company’s communication strategy. And I emphasize the “beginning to take part” because there is still a lot to be done.

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Companies are in the process of maturity in this sense. They know they have to be taken seriously, but they still don’t know where to start, how, when or why, and they make big mistakes.

Below we will briefly discuss the main mistakes that companies usually make, and the causes that led to the process of maturation of companies in the media.


1. Mismanagement of expectations

Because companies are used to the immediacy of the results (good or bad) of traditional marketing actions (I mean, fundraising actions both offline and online), we have the belief that social media is about to happen the same.
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Social media actions can have a high impact, but companies should be aware that in the early stages evolution is slow  (until we get to build a strong user community, find the most appropriate type of content and actions, etc.), and results are slow.

2.  Mistakes in setting goals:

Companies make several types of mistakes regarding setting goals:

 – Not setting goals:  it sounds amazing, but it happens! Sometimes we see companies that are on social networks “be”. Usually, they are on social networks, without clear goals, because it is relatively cheap to be present or because your competitor is.

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– Not clearly defining objectives.

– Setting unrealistic goals, with the mismanagement of expectations, will be difficult to achieve the goals set. A good social media strategy can lead to great things, but we must be aware of what it takes to get great results. For this reason, set achievable goals in the short and medium-term stages.

– Mistaking a large number of fans/followers for success in social media, is not always successful. As in real life, quality is better than quantity. There are thousands of fans on Facebook, but no reaction to my posts (in the form of comments, likes, clicks, etc.) ..

3.  Using social media as a sales channel, and forgetting that social media is relationship-based

This means presenting the business objectives and trying to sell at all costs.

In social networks, sales are the result of establishing relationships of trust. So these should be the primary objective.

4.  Poor definition of the target audience:

As with goals, the most common mistakes are to determine which segment of our audience to target. If the company doesn’t know who its audience is, it won’t be able to correctly choose which social media to be present on, the tone of the message, and as a result, the strategy will fail.

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