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What Is Moissanite And What Are The Differences Between It And Diamond?

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What Is Moissanite And What Are The Differences Between It And Diamond?

In terms of physical appearance, there are quite a few differences, but how do they compare in terms of actual quality? Here’s everything you need to know about moissanite before you choose it as an alternative to diamonds, including information on its durability, availability, cost and more.

The Differences In Physical Properties

Two key differences between moissanite fine jewelry and diamond jewelry include durability, which depends on your lifestyle, or whether you’re planning to wear your wedding set as a sign of loyalty to your spouse. While moissanite in bridal sets may not appear as brilliant at first glance compared to diamond, it’s still extremely durable under most circumstances. You can easily wipe away fingerprints with a soft cloth while dealing with everyday household chores like doing dishes. In addition, moissanite fine jewelry can sustain impact when dropped or hit without breaking or cracking like a diamond would do if treated similarly.

These properties make moissanite more attractive for everyday wear than its famous counterpart. As far as weight goes, both gems weigh about one-third less than gold. So that means an average 3-carat (ct) diamond ring weighs about 10 grams (g), whereas an average 3-ct moissanite bridal set weighs around 6 g—that’s 33 per cent lighter! As such, those who have weaker fingers or simply want something light enough to wear every day will find moissanite preferable to the larger carat weight of diamonds. However, keep in mind that neither stone is particularly heavy and both weigh significantly less than gold jewellery pieces.

The Difference In Price

Naturally, a big difference between moissanite and diamond lies in the price. While many factors affect the cost, including diamond cut grade, colour and clarity, moissanite fine jewelry can sell for hundreds of dollars less than a comparable diamond item—and sometimes thousands less! You don’t have to spend tons of money to have beautiful jewelry: many jewellers offer unique one-of-a-kind pieces for affordable prices. If you’re looking for something classic but just can’t afford diamonds right now, try investing in a moissanite fine jewelry.

 It’s perfect for people who want matching rings or other matching pieces as part of their Moissanite engagement rings. The delicate beauty of these pieces will complement your dress perfectly on your special day. Plus, they won’t break your bank account! When shopping for moissanite fine jewelry, always be sure to ask about size and setting options. Just because an item is advertised as moissanite doesn’t mean it will come with all sizes (like stud earrings) available or that it will be made with a platinum setting instead of white gold. Always make sure you’re getting exactly what you want so you’ll love wearing your new jewelry for years to come!

The Difference In Reflection

The biggest difference between moissanite fine jewelry and diamond jewelry is one of appearance. Reflection is a huge factor in determining a gem’s value, so knowing what to look for when comparing moissanite fine jewelry with diamond jewelry helps you to decide which gem will be right for your budget, lifestyle, or needs. One of the easiest ways to differentiate between diamonds and moissanites for reflection properties alone is by looking at how each reflects light.

While you can’t judge an entire crystal by its facet alone, facets reveal plenty about what’s inside. Facets on moissanite fine jewelry are more angular than those on a diamond, giving them a different sparkle. This means that while they may not have as much fire as diamonds. they do still have some brilliance. When compared side-by-side with a diamond, a moissanite bridal set has similar brightness. But slightly less brilliance than comparable size and cut of diamond ring or necklace would have.

The Difference In Color

The major difference between moissanite fine jewelry and diamond fine jewelry comes down to colour. Because they’re similar in composition, moissanite has a higher refractive index than that of a diamond which results in a little more sparkle. However, compared to diamonds, moissanites generally have slightly less brilliance. They don’t absorb colors as well. But, like most other engagement rings, many consumers choose moissanite for their lower cost as opposed to an increase in fire or brilliance.

That being said, today’s C&C cut diamonds are also larger than ever before which makes any difference between gem quality that much harder to detect with casual observation. When choosing between moissanite fine jewelry vs. diamond bridal sets, make sure you look at overall size rather than just carat weight. For example, 1-carat moissanite looks just as big as a 1-carat diamond when set in a three-stone ring because both stones are set high above the girdle (the widest part of each stone). Therefore, instead of comparing carats alone when shopping for your perfect moissanite bridal set, compare overall size. look at side by side photos so you can compare each stone’s shape individually against what you see online or in person at your local jeweler.

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