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Roof cleaning: How to keep your roof in good condition

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Maintaining your roof is an essential need for your property. Climate conditions (sunshine, storm, wind, rain, humidity, etc.) undermine the coating, waterproofness and insulation of the building on a regular basis. All of these factors might affect the lifespan of your roof and cause intrusion.

When should you get your roof maintained? Once or twice a year with Morris roofers, a thorough cleaning of the roof is required. This is done the first time in the spring to ensure that the aggressions endured throughout the winter (freezing temperatures and hail, among other things) did not result in any damage to the roof shingles or coating. The second time is in the autumn, when the roof must be swept of debris, such as dead leaves, tiny branches, mold, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, and other noxious weeds. The third time is in the spring. Here are our five-step guidelines for maintaining a sturdy, watertight, and aesthetically pleasing roof for a longer period of time.

Take Charge of Your Roof

Regular visual examination of your roof is the first step in proper roof care. Scanning the external cladding (shingles, tile, slate, and wood shakes) from the ground as well as from the windows on the upper floors and in the attic is a good idea while walking around your home.

Inspect in a safe manner

It is certainly permissible to climb up on a ladder, scaffold, or even on the roof itself, As long as you are properly secured and ideally with someone to assist you. You should be on the lookout for any shingles, tiles, Slates that are damaged or displaced, as well as drooping and changes in appearance. As a result, you will be able to analyze the state of the Morris roofing. Determine if it has been progressively coated with algae or lichen or moss, which will need removal.

Prepare yourself by purchasing the necessary equipment

As soon as the inspection is through, gather your materials and prepare to begin cleaning your roof. Dress appropriately for the task at hand: gloves, a mask for administering the therapy, non-slip shoes. A multi-pocket belt for tools, and safety harnesses are all recommended.

First and foremost, begin cleaning by collecting plant trash, stones, and other leftovers. Any tiles or slate that have been chipped should be placed aside until they can be repaired or replaced. Then gather your tools: a firm bristle brush, a water jet or a pressure washer, a sprayer, antifoam and water repellent. A ladder or scaffolding, and a ladder or scaffolding to climb.

Maintain the cleanliness of your roof

To get rid of the moss and residue, you’ll need to brush and scrape it off. Always remember to work in the direction of the roof’s slope, From top to bottom, in order to avoid infiltration of water into the structure. There are many options accessible to you, but they should be approached with caution:

– Use a high-pressure washer: This is the most straightforward approach, as well as the quickest and least exhausting. However, if the jet is too forceful, it can cause damage to the tiles or slates, Which is not what you want.

Although it is usually advised, brushing the roof with bleach will cause more porous tiles and slates to develop. In addition to the fact that its usage is not at all environmentally friendly.

The most effective method is to brush the roof using an environmentally friendly substance. In certain cases, depending on the roof’s surface, this might take several hours of labor!

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