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How to Choose Your 3D Imaging Studio?

by janeausten
The verification badge works like a holy grail for the influencers and the business. If you want to lead this sector, you need to get the blue checkmark adjacent to your profile names. But not all of you can have this blue make, and you need to do a little struggle for that.

You have 3D projects to carry out, but you imaging Studio don’t know which agency to turn to? You have seen and reviewed endless portfolios and you don’t know based on which criteria to choose THE 3D studio that best meets your specific needs? Are you wondering based on which arguments to choose your future 3D artists?

However, this step is crucial. Because it saves a lot of energy for the whole team that will work on the 3D project in question.


3D needs are different if you must obtain technical images on a white background for a catalog or if you must invent a completely crazy universe for an original advertisement.

The first thing to clarify, therefore, is the specific objectives of your 3D project, whether it is only at the draft stage or not.


What level of pragmatism do you want to attain? Do you consider the final realism of your image as an important criterion?

If yes. It’s important to aim well because 3D realism is dedicated expertise. Depending on your level of requirement, you will be able to measure the experience of an agency via its portfolio. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional images specific to your sector if you need more evidence to rely on.

Otherwise. You can indeed save on the realism effect with a more blatant 3D rendering, but it doesn’t matter to you, because the result does not have to be ultra-realistic. This applies especially in cases such as technical illustrations where the expectations of the consumer or user are merely informative.

Do you have tight deadlines or are you able to wait a few weeks to get what you are looking for?

You will be surprised how quickly some companies respond to tight deadlines VS others whose start-up and validation process is less effective. Important information to check before starting! this can be decisive in the case of your project. Do not hesitate to ask them what their fastest turnaround times are, and if they can give you priority according to your time constraints.

Need a lot of 3D images or just a few beauty shots? If you make a large quantity of 3D images in a year, it’s important to check that the 3D studio can handle it, and even MORE important to choose them for their work methodology. You can also make 3D logo with the help of a logo design company that offers affordable logo design packages within your budget range.


There are several specialties that you can observe in the world of photorealistic 3D: renderings of textures and materials, water, fire and natural elements, interior, or exterior environments, etc. You will find in realistic 3D visualization everything related to interior design, the creation of manufacturing products, clothing or sports items, the textile industry, the food industry, packaging, etc. in short, all companies looking for a visual that comes closest to the reality of the client-user.

However, don’t take it video animation services for granted that the agency. It doesn’t know how to do something else. because you haven’t seen an example of its achievements. You will be pleased to learn. that when there are new projects or big challenges. you can discover a new lease. It is of life in a team that does not have ten years of knowledge in your kind of product. Agencies love innovation and new challenges!

The must is when we offer you a free test to show what 3D artists are capable of. It’s a good gateway to test them!


The price is of course a decisive criterion for you. Going with the cheapest agency is tempting, but not necessarily the best choice. It is your image that you place in the hands of these three-dimensional artists.

Quality has a price! 3D design and modeling take time and expertise. Above all, a good agent must be able to put customer service first.


You have no idea of ​​the budget necessary for the realization of your 3D project? A quote request and a personalized contact will allow you to see clearly on this subject.

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