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9 Simple Steps to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

by janeausten

Social media is a competitive field. So, various strategies prove to be valuable for different businesses. How can you know which social media strategy is best for you? Read this blog to learn about the best social media marketing technique that can boost your business in no time.

  1. Create a plan according to your business model.
  2. Research comprehensively about your target audience.
  3. Select the best metrics and KIPS to analyze your strategy
  4. Publish unique and engaging content
  5. Timing is important
  6. Check the feedback of every campaign

1.      Create a Social Media plan according to your business model.

According to the research by the 2021 Sprout Social Index, social media can increase brand awareness by up to 58% and enhance the engagement of the community by 41%. 

 If you have recently opened a company, make sure that you have a checklist of goals and ambitions you want to achieve with your target customers. You have to see what are your business goals.

Do you want to increase your brand awareness?

If your goal is to achieve brand awareness, make sure that you emphasize on your brand story. Avoid promotional messages that will not add any value to your target audience. Rather, interact and make a friendly bond with your customers. People who relate to your brand will be your loyal customer.

2.      Research comprehensively about your target audience.

You can assume your target audience. Many marketing analysts do not give much importance to the research of the target audience. That proves to be the main reason for the failure of their social media strategy.

You have to understand that different audiences use social media platforms for various purposes. You have to make a comprehensive approach to effectively use all kinds of social media platforms in your marketing campaign.

  • Run your ad on YouTube as it is the most used site. You can drive traffic to your website as most people continuously use YouTube to watch different types of content.
  • Millennials mostly use TikTok and Instagram to interact with other people. If your brand target is the general Z population interact with them through live videos, stories, and interactive question-answer sessions.
  • Well-educated people have a profile on LinkedIn. You have to make sure that your published content can solve some of the major problems they face.

3.      Select the best metrics and KIPS to analyze your strategy

Every company wants to increase its revenue generation with the help of social media strategy. Different metrics can provide you with an idea about the performance of your campaign


It tells you the number of people who have seen your post or story.


Like count tell you a number of people who appreciate your content. You can gain a view of your product by analyzing the likes of different product posts.


Follower count can provide you with an idea that how many people relate to your brands. If your follower increases after you start a social media campaign, it means you have hit the right chord in your audience’s mind.


An increasing number of shares means more people find your post-worthy. That is why they share with other people. An increased share count means more people will have awareness and knowledge about your brand.

4.      Publish unique and engaging content

Content is an important part of every digital marketing campaign. You can get viral with your one engaging post, story, or meme. If you know how to create engaging content for your users on different social media, there are high chances you will get success within no time.

  • On Instagram, you can use reels to show your different products.
  • On TikTok, you can interact with your customer in one minute video. Use this one minute most engagingly to inform your customer about your brand.
  • If you want to send your message to your client in a short sentence, you can use Twitter.
  • Wikipedia can also be helpful for your business. This social media platform can give credibility to your brand. For example, People love to search for their favorite artists on Wikipedia. If you are running a PR agency and know how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor you can offer your services to your client.

5.      Timing is important

Social media is all about timing. Your business success depends on how early you make content on recent topics. You need to have a closed eye on all the latest trends and share your two cents about events on the social media platform. recently famous brands like cream delivery, KFC offers discounts on some food at the important events. These offers come with a certain term of conditions but prove to be a great way for marketing.

6.      Check the feedback of every campaign.

You need to check the feedback to know which strategy is effective. This can also help you to know about your best-selling platforms.

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