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Significance Of Colours in Astrology

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Significance Of Colours In Astrology

Colours hold an important place in our life. So astrology and colours go hand in hand. Astrologers in Delhi, state that astrology will help you in all the possible ways by which you can improve the environment around you and make your day better. Every colour we come across in our day to day life has a different effect on us.

Each of us has our favourite colour, but things can get messy if it doesn’t compliment your zodiac sign. Colour astrology is highly admired by people for knowing what their day, weeks, months or even an upcoming year will look like. It will let us know which colour appeals our sign and also the colour that doesn’t favour us.  Astrology can help you know which colour is your foe and friend. 

Zodiac signs and their colours:

01. Aries

Being the first Zodiac sign, having an element of fire, planet Mars rules this sign. Red is known as Arians. It is fiery and movable. Apart from red, white and yellow are also known as lucky colours for Arians. People with their sign as Aries should stay from blue, black and green colour.

02. Taurus

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, with the energy of Earth. The lucky colour for Taurians is pink, white and green. It symbolises that they are grounded and also have vivaciousness. Therefore, such people should try to avoid contact with yellow and red colours.

03. Gemini

As planet Mercury rules this sign, it is the third zodiac sign on the list. It is airy and dual. The bright colours for Gemini are light yellow, green and orange, followed by pink and white. It brings positivity and success to their life. As per Astrologers in Delhi, blue and red colours are considered unfavourable for Geminis.

04. Cancer

The moon rules the zodiac sign. They are known to have a shy nature. Hence, they are associated with soft and warm colours such as white, grey, silver and cream. It influences the feminine parts such as the uterus, reproductive system and breasts. Yellow helps them to attain success in any undertaken work, while violet helps to exhibit ideas and expectations. “As Cancerians are sensitive and emotional, the colours are suppose to keep them at their best on emotional grounds”, as per Astrologer Delhi. 

05. Leo

Sun dominates this sun sign. The colours linked to this sign are gold, purple and burnt orange. Astrologer Delhi have stated that these colours influence the cardiac system and upper back. 

06. Libra

Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign. It has an airy element. Their warm colours are white and light blue. Astrologers Delhi said that bright colours are lucky for them. Libras should avoid red-colored families as  much as they can.

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07. Virgo

Virgos are reserve and withdrawn by temperament. They possess the qualities of being picky and critical. Pastel shades such as mauve, light pink, and blue appeal to them. It brings out creativity and fosters harmony in them. However, any shade from a red family may discourage them, so it will be best if they try to avoid it.

08. Capricorn

It is a movable sign having earth as its element. Saturn is its ruling planet. The colours that please Capricorn are khaki, purple, black, dark brown and dark green. They are advise to stay away from shades from the yellow and red family to avoid bad vibes.

09. Sagittarius

It is the ninth zodiac sign that Jupiter rules. The bright colours for the sign are dark yellow and orange. Shades of cream and green colour are also consider lucky for them. The colour highly unsuitable for them is dark blue.  

10. Aquarius

It is the eleventh zodiac sign, and Saturn rules the sign. Light blue and purple colours are consider lucky for them. White and bright colours are also beneficial. Colours like dark blue and green are not lucky for people falling under the category of the Aquarius sign. 

11. Pisces

The last sign on the list of zodiac signs is Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. It is dual-nature and has an element of fire in it. The appealing colours for them are yellow, orange and pink. Pisces should avoid black and dark bright colours.  It can be harmful to the good times they might have.


Every day, we feel how our mood changes based on the colours surrounding us. While some bring positivity, others may bring dullness and negativity. Astrology has provided us with a guide to knowing which colour suits us. There is no science of telling it is 100% accurate, but it is better to have something than nothing.

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