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Pros and Cons of Virtual Classroom in 2022

by janeausten

Since the Covid-19 has ended, we have all been experiencing Virtual Classrooms; virtual classrooms are non-existent and function simultaneously. (TDH. 2020)However, they have been highly demanded for the past 2. It offers easy access to Learning and collaboration with students and teachers. Virtual Classrooms took control of the world in the blink of an eye. Somehow, it’s the best time-saving invention where groups of students and tutors can easily communicate face to face.

Virtual Classrooms are making students much more light-headed, and it’s a more significant sign of relief to them; primarily, students have to manage work and their studies. It stresses them out, and students find it quite hard to achieve good grades in their academic terms and keep their strong and good impression at their workplace. Moreover, it is not easy to quickly rush from your workplace and academic place. Virtual Classrooms are supportive when dealing with such circumstances for students, so they don’t have to work and study under constant pressure.

It’s a win-win situation for both sides; as a student, it can make them light-headed to quickly sign up for their classes or ask someone to “do my online class for me”, and tutors can manage to offer help a good amount of students and can conduct multiple classes. In addition, virtual Classrooms seem like a fun activity for many groups of students. They can use the tools of presenting their work to the teacher quickly so the teacher can guide them thoroughly.

  • Multiple tools exist for students’ use, so they can navigate easily without getting confused and acknowledging the actual use.
  • Videoconferencing; this tool helps the student to communicate face to face and read the expression of their tutors. In most cases, tutors ask for a quick response so they can further proceed.
  • Online whiteboard; It’s a real-time collaboration between tutors and students; by utilizing this tool, they can write bullet points for students and introduce stats/figures or images related to their topic.
  • Instant message; quick written response and a noticeable feature for the records of tutors.
  • Participations control; Teachers can include a desired number of students to conduct a class, and students can enter and exit according to their scheduled classes.

Keep in mind that everything we utilize from our surroundings has to offer sound and bad, both quality of work. But the large of amount of groups of students seem pretty satisfied with Virtual Classrooms. However, it is best to recognize both sides of Virtual Classrooms to acknowledge their best outcome and deal with disadvantages.


While Virtual Classrooms have a significant role in our lives and become powerful as time passes, every institute is most likely to upgrade its way of teaching to this level.

Here is how it has become a part of our daily life;

Face to face; gives another good experience of learning to use in real-time. Almost everyone knows how to research related to their subject matter and use the search engine. It leaves a significant impact on students navigating their tutors’ provided links and files. Students can raise questions or write down queries to ask at the end of a lecture.

Also, a good way for teachers to observe the behavior of their students and let them have a short discussion over subject material.

Virtual Classrooms provide flexibility;

There are plenty of advantages of online classes people find highly easy to adopt while working. The traditional classroom setup is quite time-consuming for some students because some of them are bread earners, are hard to find time for work and studies. If you attend a virtual campus, you can pick courses according to your availability because traditional classes don’t schedule classes according to students’ availability, making it harder for students.  

Financial Improvement

Virtual Classrooms can benefit students from all around the world. It offers to study at your home and saves them time and money on commute. People spend thousands of dollars on their commute, textbooks, notes, and many more. However, it has saved money from falling into financial strain. Students can enjoy reading books online and finding the best material through various search engines. This time-saving strategy also helps them to save money for their call of “pay someone to take my online class” for their

Virtual Learning with a variety of courses.

Online courses can be easily opted according to our preferences, and students can easily find information regarding their desired course. In addition, it saves time, so individuals don’t have to wait for annual examinations and provide degrees for different fields like masters and doctoral degrees.

International Environment

Like traditional classrooms, they are more likely to provide a specific environment than online Learning. It helps students interact on international platforms and learn more facts, language, and professional ethics quickly for advancement opportunities. Learning can be personalized so students can work in the environment of their choice.


To acknowledge the best outcomes of virtual classes, it is best to analyze the disadvantages.

No physical interaction;

Virtual Classrooms have discontinued the traditional physical interaction with teachers where students and teachers like to enjoy each other’s company while studying. As a result, the classmate relationship has also broken, and students are much more dependent upon online Learning.

Less speaking power

In a traditional classroom environment, the teachers used to encourage their students to speak up. However, as soon as the virtual classroom has taken control over students’ minds, their speaking power becomes weaker. Though good speaking power helps in many aspects of one’s life.

Social Isolation;

Another significant disadvantage is that virtual classrooms lead to isolation for many students. In universities, students used to get along with their classmates and enjoy reading books, researching their subject material, and gathering in Libraries; it all has been discontinued and replaced by ebooks and multiple search engines. Making students’ minds limited to specific subjects. (Banerjee, D., & Rai, M. (2020).

Classroom Discipline

Classrooms seem to vanish from educational institutes. In schools, colleges, and universities, teachers tend to focus on the discipline and behavior of students on academic premises. Since the virtual classroom has brought flexibility, it also brings casualness in attitudes and rough dealing with academic requirements.

Inaccessibility of gadgets;

Not many students enjoy the privileges of smartphones, computers, laptops, or virtual libraries. It is yet so limited to unprivileged areas. E-learning is still a significant gap in many countries, and students from villages and small cities still strive for basic needs. How will they enjoy this facility like the rest of the world? Academic institutions should make balance e-learning and traditional classrooms so the knowledge shall not remain limited to higher classes and developed countries

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