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5 Best Student Tools for Better Learning In 2022

by janeausten

There’s no denial about the fact that we’re rapidly progressing towards advancements. The credit for these advancements mainly goes to the two industries which are IT (Information technology) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The collaboration of these two fields has done wonders. Even though; some experiments have gone wrong but, most of them have proved to be extremely beneficial. The wonders of these departments have touched the lives of the student as well. Now the students can take assistance with academics by using these technologies.

In the following blog post; we won’t only be highlighting the best tools that can be used for better learning but also be discussing the pros & cons brought along with AI and IT or technologies in general.

Pros and Cons of advanced technologies in the life of today’s student:

People who say that students of today’s time are living their best life because they can get any kind of academic assistance from online sites might be wrong and right at the same time. Yes! We agree that students of this age are provided with a lot of options but they also have a lot of distractions.

1.     Pros of advanced technologies in the life of students:

Technological development or Virtual environments have helped in the acquisition of general problem-solving skills, mastery of facts, and improvement of the learning process itself (J. Michael Moshell, 2002).

  • The students of today’s time can attend their classes from anywhere in the world because they have been shifted to the virtual system.
  • They can even record the lecture of their professor and can listen to it afterward whenever they need to go through it.
  • Nothing is unsolvable for students of today’s time because they can Google it. Google can come up with an answer to their queries within a matter of seconds.
  • They can Buy Essays or any other form of academic writing assistance by taking services from professional writers.
  • Students can hire someone else to attend their classes on their behalf when they have other commitments to fulfill, without having to miss the attendance or the lecture of the class.
  • Several online tools and applications can help students with their learning processes or academics.

2.     Cons of advanced technologies in the life of students:

It might sound strange but yes; there are some side effects of the technologies that’ve been introduced to students of today’s time.

  • Not all of the tools or applications are good enough to rely upon. Some of them can’t even detect errors while making you think that your project is flawless.
  • There are so many distractions that the technologies or digital platforms have brought with them that the students find it difficult to focus on their studies.
  •  Sometimes the connection errors cause an interruption in the lectures which makes it difficult for the students to learn and teachers to teach.
  • Not all online academic writing services are trustworthy to invest your money and time in it.

5 best student tools for better learning in 2022:

Many tools and applications can help students with their academics but we will only be highlighting five of the best ones among all others.

1.     elink:

It is considered one of the best learning tools for students as well as for teachers. This tool helps to create lesson plans, recommend books; resource pages, and update faculty. It provides an extensive library from which you can take the resources for your assignment preparations.  

2.     Projeqt:

As the name implies; projeqt is the tool that helps the students with their slide presentations. You can add interactive maps, quizzes, online links, and videos among many other options that can be used for the project presentation. 

3.     cK-12:

This tool is a new addition that is perfect to assist students with their academics. The goal of this tool or website is to allow access to all the educational material to the students across the world through an online platform without having to pay for any of it.  This educational material might vary from audio assistance to video help to interactive exercises.

4.      Guide 2 Write:

This is the kind of tool that every student out ether will find extremely helpful while writing his assignments or any sort of writing project. It acknowledges students of different types of writing styles and formats that are used to write academic projects. You can find the rules and regulations of writing styles for different forms of writing be it essay writing, assignment writing, or dissertation writing.

Some students spend hours in the library and keep on researching to prepare a perfect writing project (Carvin, 2021). Now; they can search the resource easily through this tool.

5.     Kahoot:

Students who don’t like to invest their time cramming over their books can take help with academics through this tool. This tool is all about teaching you different academic things in fun ways either in the form of activities or games. Teachers can create questions and discussions through this tool in which students can take part and solve them as per their knowledge of the subject. 

There surely are many other such tools that can assist students with their academics but we have only mentioned the best ones. Besides that; if you are in hurry and want immediate assistance then there is always Best Custom Essay Writing Services UK which can assist you with your writing projects. Then there are online lectures that can help you in a better understanding of your lectures.


The year 2022 has come with a lot of expectations and advancements. Every department of life is progressing towards advancement in one way or another and so does the educational department. Students from across the world can take assistance with their academics by using different kinds of tools and applications. Such technical assistance has proved to be quite helpful for students in the better understanding of their studies.

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