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Top fashion glasses frames for 60-year-old woman

by janeausten
Top fashion glasses frames for 60-year-old woman

With advancing age, people will need fashion glasses frames at some point of their life. This is nothing to be ashamed of and we are here with glasses that will make you flourish along with them. We have celebrities with glasses too and so, glasses should be considered an accessory that can add a styling element to our face.

Various shapes of fashion glasses frames for 60-year-old woman

If you can purchase more than one pair of fashion glasses frames then it is helpful as then you can match your glasses with different outfits. 

Not everybody knows what their face shape is and so we will discuss it quickly and how you can find out your face shape in just under one minute.

Start with the widest part of your face. Stand in front of a mirror and look for the widest part of your face. Divide your face into forehead, cheeks, and chin, and then find out which are the widest.

If none of the parts are wider than the others then you have a round or elongated face. If you have a strong jawline and forehead, cheeks, and chin all are wide then you have a square or rectangle face.

If you have a narrow forehead and chin then you have a diamond-shaped face.

Most of the eyewear companies or advisors advise people to get glasses opposite to their face shape. For instance, if your face is round, try to get a square or something that will add angles to your round featured face.

Some tips for age 60+

  • As you age, it is better to choose softer colors for glasses be it plastic or metal and always avoid gold color.
  • Try to choose the color of what you wear as a dress. For example charcoal gray etc.

Some of the frames you may avoid:

You may avoid aviator glasses. Jennifer Anniston looks great in aviators as she still has a firm face and jaws but the downward-pointing aviators may divert the attention of people towards your jowls and that may be embarrassing and will make you look older.

You wanna go with a frame that has the arm or temple at the upper portion of the glasses. Some frames may have this arm near the bottom which is detrimental for older people as you do not want anything pointing downwards. You always want uplifting shapes.

Best glasses frames for 60-year-old woman

Tortoise fashion glasses frames

Tortoise glasses frames are elegant and at the same time classic. The color is dark which works fine for old ages. Tortoise eyeglasses frames go with everything i.e.e, any occasion with anything you wear. It has a soft cat-eye feature which is subtle and perfect for an old-aged woman.

Amelia glasses

These are transparent glasses with a light color hue. Generally, they come in pinkish or goldish hues and I would suggest the pinkish hue for a bit fair-complexioned ladies. This glasses frame also has a soft cat-eye feature. Transparent glasses have boomed in the market and are in trend.

Clear glasses frames with dual-tone

Micheal Kors is famous for clear frames. I love these eyeglasses frames and these come under transparent glasses but what sets them apart is their dual-tone color. Mostly, these have a squared structure and the rims are transparent colorless while the temples or the arms have a different color for example light gold color.

These are in trend now and you can consider getting them if you change your eyeglasses often with fashion. So, enjoy it while it is still in trend.

Prada Multicolor frames

Yes, Pradas are heck expensive. I’m just talking about the concept and not asking you to buy Prada glasses. You can get a multicolor frame at cheaper prices too from some other maker.

Multicolor glasses frames are great as party wear or casual meetings. These will open up the informal sweet side of you who is not dead serious about everything.

Angular glasses

Square and angular glasses will never run out of fashion. You can choose various geometrical shapes such as octagons in today’s world. These look just unique and good. If you love experimenting with fashion then it is surely worth a try.
Those were some of the best glasses for a 60 year old woman and I hope these will definitely make you look younger and drop-dead gorgeous even at your age. So, don’t be shy to flaunt your new style every day and attract attention. Must Read: Best place to buy glasses online

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