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How Can I Process Electronic Signatures Efficiently And Effectively?

by janeausten
Electronic Signatures Efficiently

An electronic signature is a digitized version of a legally binding handwritten signature, valid as consent or authorization on a document or form. Electronic signatures and digital signatures are not the same things. Digital signatures are an evolution of electronic signatures. 

Proview Cloud allows digital copies of forms and documents to be created and sent electronically to customers. Clients can use electronic devices such as mobile devices, tablets, and computers to digitally sign forms from the comfort of their clinic or home. Our team is constantly working to improve the functionality of eSignature to ensure a reliable and hassle-free experience for users and their clients. 

How do I process signatures efficiently?

Many business transactions require signatures, such as contracts, invoices, or financial loans. Liquid signatures are based on physical paper, which often slows down the process, but electronic signatures can also hinder someone who doesn’t sign a document on time.

Companies operate more efficiently when e-signatures are integrated into automated business processes, such as creating e-signatures in an enterprise content management (ECM) system.

1. Consider your business needs and practices 

First, you need to know why you need e-signatures so you can put processes in place to make your internal processes more efficient. A good starting point is to identify bottlenecks. Where are these delays, and where can the process be simplified for customers?

2. Develop policies and protocols for electronic signatures

Once you know where the problems are and where you can streamline the process, develop an electronic signature workflow that ensures everyone is on the same page. A solid e-signature policy provides guidelines for when and who should use e-signatures. It also makes it easier to organize and track documents.

3. Internal promotion

E-signatures are not new, but they need some promotion. People who are not familiar with the technology or who prefer the convenience of handwritten signatures may need to be convinced. It is especially important to minimize uncertainty by having advocates and easy-to-understand information about electronic signatures in company policies.

4. Make the most of the internet and cloud storage

With the widespread use of electronic signatures, data management has become easier. Data storage becomes an issue as documents and information are transferred more easily. Developing more robust and integrated digital workflows and storage systems can increase productivity while reducing physical paperwork and storage space.

5. Choose the right platform/vendor

Despite the growing acceptance and widespread use of electronic signatures, cybersecurity remains a major challenge, especially concerning electronic signatures and legal documents. Choosing a trusted platform, software, and service provider are important to minimize the risks and issues associated with document alteration. When looking for a trusted e-signature company, look for a provider with digital encryption, authentication features, and passwords for identity and authority verification.

Digital signatures are transforming the interaction between staff and customers.

Speed is important when dealing with customers, especially young professionals and those who have grown up with technology. It’s not good for business when a supervisor is unavailable to sign invoices, customers have to wait, or documents are processed for days because many signatures are required. Using electronic signatures, businesses can reduce the time it takes for customers to receive the products and services they want. Speeding up business processes can result in several outcomes

  • Positive customer feedback.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Increased customer loyalty and positive customer feedback.
  • Improved customer relations.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrating and legitimizing digital signatures in the workplace and promoting them quickly and widely can transform employee capabilities. Digital signatures mean fewer lost documents and printed signatures. Streamline your workflow with electronic signatures and meet your customers’ expectations.

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