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Does a Turkish Visa for Pakistani citizens need Bank Statements?

by janeausten
Turkey e visa

Yes, we do need a Bank statement for getting a Turkish visa from Pakistan.

Turkey is the most thrilling place to visit for Pakistani tourists. You know Pakistanis do love to visit the Anatolian region due to its beauty. The Turkey e visa Pakistan has been launch to accommodate the Pakistanis. The visit visa for Turkey is easily available as you need to submit. he most basic document ever to get the Turkish visa. 

The Turkey visa application form for Pakistani citizens is totally online. You need to submit all the information in the online visa application form. The application form can be access from the official Turkish website in Pakistan. The Pakistanis do like to visit Turkey as it is a historically rich country. The Pakistani people do relate the history of the Turkye with Islam as this country was one the headquarters of Islamic Khilafat. 

There are different documents require for getting the Turkey e visa Pakistan and the Bank statement is one of them:

The Turkish Visa and Bank statement:

You do need a bank statement to get a visit visa for Turkey, as it is consider a means of support for you. The authorized bank statement is proof that you can support yourself during your stay in Turkey. For getting the Turkey e visa Pakistan, the applicant does require to submit a bank statement which has at least €50 transaction every day. The bank statement is a genuine way to prove that you are a good man and can support yourself during your stay in Turkey. The bank statement should be clearly print along with the authorization letter by the bank about your conduct. It is necessary to confirm you do have not unbound liabilities in your parent country.

The bank statement specifications:

There are certain specifications require for the bank statement for getti9ng a Turkish visa. The Turkey visa price in Pakistan is only 12000 PKR for a single entry and 44000 PKR for a multiple entry visa. This is essential you submit your fee from the same account as you are providing to the Turkish visa authorities. Turkish visa fees from Pakistan should be submit from the same account. It proves your authorization, there are other specifications of the Bank statement:

  • The bank letter: The bank letter should be provided along with your bank statement mentioning the account opening date on it.
  • The duration of bank statement: The bank statement of the last 3 months is require to get the Turkey e visa Pakistan.
  • Proof of other income: The proof of other income can be a salary slip or a proof of your spouse’s income.
  • Letter of guarantees: The letter of Guranters is necessary for getting the Turkey e visa Pakistan. The greater is a person who is liable for your actions and also covers your expenses.


Turkey travel restrictions for Pakistan also require a health certificate along with a valid bank statement. This is necessary to show you are healthy and well to do and want to travel to Turkey.

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