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7 Creative Gifts Ideas For Your Employees

by janeausten
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Corporate gifting has achieved an all-time high. Nowadays, corporate gifts are thought of not only for employees’ birthdays or memorable occasions such as Diwali or New Year but also for keeping employees. The most delinquent fad is picking eco-friendly products, even in gifting. Unarguably, it is a craze that is here to stay. Eco-friendly gifts are advantageous for the environment, but they are healthy for our health too!

Over the past pair of years, companies have been trying to lower their carbon footprint in numerous ways. One excellent way to do it is to go bearable with eco-friendly corporate gifts and occasions. Preferably than gifting things to employees with plastic packaging, which counts to the waste pile, businesses are gifting more eco-friendly products, with gifts varying from planting kits to sustainable stationery, and you can order gifts online through online gift portals. Various online gift delivery services ensure that your corporate gifting can be completely plastic-free with a range of 100% plastic-free, moral, ethical, and kind gifts that go a long way for your people & our planet. Here are some of the best corporate gift ideas from online stores that are perfect choices for your employees & the planet!

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is one of the most famous desk plants often encountered in offices. They are straightforward to care for and purify the air by removing toxic chemicals from the air, such as Benzene & Trichloroethylene. These plants soak impurities from the air through their leaves & transmit them to their roots, where microbes in the mud break them down. Apart from clearing the air impurities, they also present plenty of moisture in the air. The white flowers of this plant are best to add a tropical look to the office atmosphere. Begin watering this plant correctly if you glimpse drooping leaves visibly.

Reusable Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles

Yes, most of us are toiling at the house. But reusable coffee cups & water bottles are still awesome gifts that last. Pair it with a reusable eco lunch box, and you’re shrinking your group’s carbon footprints great time. Review these mugs that plait as bowls for oats or yogurt & reusable water bottle alternatives.

Eco Journal

This gift is suitable for the environment. The Eco Journal originated from nature. From the bamboo & vinyl trim outside to the 300 ivory-lined pages, this eco-friendly journal will present your co-workers, employees, or clients with an abundance of room to write down their ideas. Also, the refillable spiral binding signifies they can use it frequently by merely replacing the old pages-online gifts delivery in Hyderabad is available.

Nature Lover’s Desk Organizer

While your workers are doing their most satisfactory, a little help managing their tasks would greatly improve their efficiency. This functional, attractive, and gorgeous stationery set with a sustainable wrench is a fantastic gift for your workers. This gift box includes a diary, a foldable pen stand, a visiting card holder, & a small box to hold lost messages. It’s made of natural fabrics such as cow manure. Do not fret, and there is no scent of it. This kit is 100% recyclable! It is an ideal gift for all stationery and nature enthusiasts.


While comfortable, these unisex eco-fleece jogger sweatpants are the greatest relaxing gift for working remotely from home. Your workers will love chilling around in their custom joggers & be able to work more efficiently. Who doesn’t adore a company that understands the significance of comfort?

Plantable Notebook

These notebooks are created from recycled paper. The notebook’s lid is made from a seed piece, i.e., seeds were blended into the paper when it was created. When the notebook is over, tear the shell into small pieces & plant them in your playground or pots. They make a big appearance during marketing/corporate occasions. Make sure you reserve one when you plan your next giant occasion.

Seed-Planting Kits

After COVID caused many companies to work from home, everyone’s itching for some green. And while numerous companies usually host corporate volunteer days, like planting trees together for a reason, that’s not possible for the foreseeable destiny. But sending planting kits, anyone can do it at house, even if it’s a flat? That’s a gift that honestly keeps on giving.


Encourage workers to take time for themselves & help them calm down and reconnect with themselves and adored ones at the house or with a co-worker in the office. We know your workers will adore this creative gift!

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