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4 Tips to Make Stunning Videos for Your Social Media

by janeausten
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Videos posted on social media are an excellent tool for various activities, from company disclosures to election campaigns. 

Using videos on social networks is best if you want to promote something. However, there is an infinite number of “competitors” for your publication. So that you can stand out in the media of so many companies, influencers, and content creators, we separate below some strategies that can help you.

4 tips you should learn for creating fancy videos

Attention to the technical part and production

The first point is not a strategy in itself, but it still requires some attention, as better-produced videos tend to have a more significant number of views.

That is, just be more careful with the lighting when capturing the video and the microphone to avoid noise. Closed and well-lit places are usually the best option, leaving aside open environments where it is more difficult to find the ideal conditions.

Add subtitles to your video.

You may have already noticed that subtitles usually accompany videos on social media, which is not just a matter of inclusion. As people use their smartphones to watch videos on social networks, subtitles facilitate this viewing even with the audio on mute.

Use some online video editors to add subtitles to your publications without the infamous errors of automatic tools.

Consider a looping post.

Another trend you may have noticed is the famous looping in videos, where the end of the content fits perfectly into the beginning. There are a number of ways to close this loop, such as starting the play with a question and offering a hook that returns to that questioning at the end.

This looping makes the person start your video again, even without noticing, and allows them to stay for more than one view. This higher number of views by the same user positively impacts the algorithm used by social networks, which starts to deliver your video to more people.

Split long videos into parts

Finally, as this is a social network, keep in mind that videos must be shorter than a platform dedicated to the format. If you notice that your video is going to be long, you can use the FlexClip video splitter to divide it into parts.

In addition to maintaining a platform standard, you still create interest, making people see more videos from your profile, and create a new publication date, which is highly favorable for the social media algorithm, expanding the reach of your posts.


Now that you have some relevant strategies to ensure more prominence for your videos on social media, just put them into practice and reach a more significant number of views.

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