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Stuck at home? Here are Nature-friendly Things to Do to Pass Time

by janeausten
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Has the wake of the virus led you to unleash your new hobbies? Well, while the virus has forced us all to stay at home, it has also opened the gate to new hobbies that we never knew existed. As we all are aware of the situation amidst the virus, staying at home as much as possible is the only solution to avoid this virus to date. It has been almost six months since we were home arrested, and only God knows when the situation will get normal.

But, this article is certainly not to make you feel depressed. Rather I would say that this is the time to convert the hard times into opportunities and do all the things that you wanted to indulge in but never got time to do. While staying home, everyone needs some kind of hobby or activity to pass the time, right?

By now, you must have already baked cakes and video called even your long-lost friends. What now? Need a new time pass activity? What about doing some nature-friendly things that are healthy for you and might give back to nature as well? We often tend to forget to spend time with nature in our daily life. But as I told you, seeing this difficult time as an opportunity, you can do everything you have been missing or dying to do.

There are so many green and healthy ways to pass the time while stuck at home. I have rounded up some of them for you, which involve simple activities like you can buy plants online and nurturing them. let’s begin –

Get Creative With Recycling

The things we can admit we all are guilty of are wastage and throwing away things without reconsidering their use. It is not your fault. We live a hectic life that does not give us time to think about the stuff we are surrounded with. But, since its lockdown, we have all the time in the world. Take this opportunity to indulge in recycling. You can convert old water bottles into flower pots. This is one very basic example. You can try many others. You will find a lot of stuff at home that can be recycled. This will be a very good pass time as well as nature friendly too.

Plant a Tree

There is nothing more nature friendly than planting a tree. If you are a nature lover, then you might have already filled your garden with plants and trees in this lockdown. But if you are trying to nature-friendly things for the first time, then plant a tree. I know you are stuck at home and cannot go to a nursery to buy plants, nor would I suggest you do so. What you can do is order indoor plants online and indulges in gardening. It will give you immense positivity, and you might actually find a new hobby.

Start an Indoor Garden With Herbs

Other than planting trees and flowering plants in your garden, you can also start a herb garden. Many people have started this type of trend of growing herbs in their place. You can use eggshells to grow mini herbs. Taking care of herbs will not only help you pass the time, but you can even use these herbs in your food for their benefits.

Walk, Walk and Walk

Last on the list is an activity you will definitely enjoy. During this lockdown, you can make it a habit to go for a nature-friendly walk. You know, walking around for some time while admiring nature is a mind-calming activity. Also, there is no such thing as overwalking, so you can go out for long walks whenever boredom strikes. It will be full utilization of time besides being nature friendly.

Well, to lessen your boredom and do something that eventually benefits you in some or the other way. Stick to the list and try new activities from time to time. You do have to abide by them only till the lockdown is over; continue them even when everything is back to normal for your own good and for nature too.

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