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Ruinsara Tal: Complete Guide

by janeausten

Travelers think with regards to incredible journeys you can’t beat journeys like Rupin Pass or Buran Ghati. Furthermore, when we discuss Har Ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal, they think it is an unfortunate cousin. That is committing a major error.

The Har Ki Dun trip with Ruinsara is one of the most outstanding complete journeys that we have seen.

Location & Introduction

While investigating profoundly into the revered valleys of Garhwal, you’ll be left in wonderment by the ethereal excellence of Ruinsara Tal tucked at 3,500 meters above ocean level. This frigid blue lake is enhanced on the foot of Kalanag Peak around 14 km away from Osla/Seema. Attacked by the snow capped vegetation and ruddy red rhododendrons, the Ruinsara Tal is viewed as consecrated by the occupants of Har-Ki-Doon Valley. 

How to reach

One can take the morning 5:30/6:00 am transport to Sankri town from Dehradun rail route station. Sankri is the last town and the last street to head to Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. From Sankri you can enlist a taxi to arrive at Taluka (12 km), from where the trip to Ruinsara Tal starts.

Difficulty level

The trouble level of the Har ki Dun journey is not difficult to direct because of the genuinely troublesome paths and trip angles. Moreover, the long traveling length of around 6 days adds to the degree of trouble of the journey too. The climb through the journey is exceptionally delicate and continuous. As a matter of fact, it has the gentlest climb contrasted with any of the top trips in India. What makes it trying however is the length. Hope to walk a normal 8-10 km regularly. 

From where to start

You start at Kotgaon, 6,455 ft (1,967 m) and go to Har Ki Dun, 11,700 ft (3,566 m). From that point you continue on toward Ruinsara Tal, 11,811 ft (3,600 m) which is the maximum elevation you reach on this journey. 

Things to carry

  • Full sleeves jackets, T – shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts etc because it is an Himalayan trek the temperature may lower down during the night time and sometimes also during the day time. 
  • Comfortable and perfect trekking shoes with thick sole to ensure comfortable threeking throughout even on harsh paths. 
  • Trekking pole or trekking stick to ensure comfortable trekking 
  • Medicines like Dolo 365, Crocin etc in case of any emergencies. 
  • First Aid kit if anyone meets with an injury 
  • Backpack to carry all your essential things and elements along with you during your journey. 
  • Water Bottle as it is very necessary for you to be hydrated during your full journey. 
  • Carry Food packets with you in case you don’t find any eating points. 
  • Ropes 
  • Torches and flashlights  because it is an Himalayan region so there may be cut off of electricity and power. 
  • Necessary documents such as photo ID proof, cards, IDs etc.
  • Refreshments for yourself when you will sit to rest in between your journey. 

Why to visit

This trip course is having brilliant excellence all around, with thick woods encompassing it from all side. The magnificence of the forest will show you how nature safeguards the holiest spots with her own lash glades and deodars. In any case, aside from Deodar, you will find here incredible coniferous trees and beautiful looking bright birds, seen no place all over the planet. The whole journey defeat is so wonderful that it will eventually remove every one of your sounds and voices. You have seen the natural magnificence of the amazons and different regions over your TV, yet this piece of excellence has not been trapped in any of the shows. 

Enchanting excellence of the spot is enchanted with the seat of the best birds. The lake, Ruinsara Tal is situated along the edge of the Ton Glacier, a couple of kilometers from Osla. The lake is having puzzling excellence all around, with the Har-Ki-Doon valley at the nearest distance of it. Swargarohini and Bandarpunch will be seeing you over the forest. So never suspect, in your creative mind even, that you are separated from everyone else in the course. 

Best time to visit

Best opportunity to head out to Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek is in the summers (May – June) and Post Monsoon (September – October).

Summer: The climate of Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek stays salubrious and satisfying during summers. The Himalayas are unmistakably apparent and the cool wind adds appeal to the excursion. Convey woolens with you. Post Monsoon: Serenity and isolation are at its best during post storm at Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek. You can see the best of Har Ki Dun-Ruinsara Tal Trek during post storm as it seems to be Heaven on the planet. 

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