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Some incredible facts about custom vape packaging

by janeausten
Custom vape boxes

custom vape boxes is fast becoming a favorite accessory of young and old alike. Its less harmful effects than smoking, variety of flavors, and the inherent ’X’ factor are some of the reasons behind its success. Not many people realize this, but custom vape packaging is a significant factor contributing to the success of vaping. Let us share some incredible facts about custom vape boxes that will help you understand why they are needed and what benefits they give to the business.

Custom vape packaging is distinctive and unique:

When you customize your packaging, you make it truly one of a kind. There is nobody like it. You don’t do it for aesthetic reasons alone; instead, it is practical and makes marketing sense. There are hundreds of vape brands, and to create your identity, you need packaging that stands out.

It is budget-friendly:

Most people opine that custom vape packaging is expensive and unaffordable even. It is far from true. If you consider the long-term benefits of custom vape packaging, it will be cheaper than regular packing. You can also avail yourself of economies of large scale if you order the customized packing in bulk.

Reflect latest trends through custom vape packaging:

The packaging does not remain static in this age of rapidly evolving and changing trends and fads. It keeps changing, embracing new ideas and innovations. Custom vape packaging is at the heart of such changes and incorporates them wholeheartedly. You can stay relevant by following them or stay ahead of the curve by coming up with your unique style in packaging. Either way, it helps in beating the competition.

custom vape boxes
custom vape boxes

It helps in branding the vape product:

All vape sellers prominently put their brand name, logo, and other relevant information on custom packaging. It is a smart move from a marketing point of view. Even if nobody is buying your products, the boxes show off your logo to passersby, and they can’t help noticing it. Sometimes, it triggers impulsive buying, and even if it doesn’t, the brand’s promotion is ongoing.

Increase your sales through custom vape packaging:

As we hinted above that a box has the power to activate impulsive buying. An onlooker may look at the box out of curiosity, feel impressed by the whole packaging and presentation, and ultimately buy it. It, in turn, increases the sales revenue and the company’s profitability. However, the packaging needs to be attractive and stylish to achieve this, and customized packing gives you a lot of options to stylize the box.

Print add-ons are an integral part of custom vape packaging:

Print add-on techniques help in enhancing the appearance of the packaging. As well as being aesthetic, you can use them to highlight the graphics and typography on the box. There are several types of print add-on techniques that you can use. We list down some of the popular ones as follows;




UV spot printing

Stamp foiling


Matte or gloss finish

You are free to use more than one technique to make the box more alluring and attractive.

Custom vape packaging increases your brand’s visibility:

It may not come as a surprise, but through custom vape boxes, you increase the chances of your brand’s visibility. There are dozens of vape makers, and each one of them is vying for the buyer’s attention. In such a scenario, the sellers resort to packing to attract buyers. They use the aid of material, artwork, design, color, etc., to make their brand more visible, which helps make their mark in the market.

You can make them eco-friendly too:

There are eco-friendly material options available to produce custom vape packaging. It makes them an attractive proposition for the buyers, especially those concerned for the environment. Eco-friendly material called Kraft sheet does not lack durability and also looks great. You can also produce a line of eco-friendly boxes along with the regular ones and enjoy their benefits.

It helps in image-building:

It is the age of branding and image-building. Companies devise tailored marketing and promotional campaigns designed for image building. A custom box is a very potent instrument to achieve that, and that too at a very affordable price. A premium box with suitable adornments will engender a positive image in the buyer’s mind about the company and its products. This without actually using the product in itself. It is the power of custom boxes for you.

Production of custom vape packing:

Many factories produce custom vape boxes, and you need to find one for your order. Before finalizing a factory, consider the following qualities in it;


Clean reputation

High quality

Proven experience

Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory that meets all the above conditions. You will find a dedicated team that will be there for your every step of the way. From design to final execution, it will assist you in every stage. It will show you 3D mock-ups before the last shipment to minimize the chances of any rejection later. It also ships worldwide, and the price is very viable.


These were some incredible facts about custom vape cartridge packaging boxes, and we hope you have now understood their importance and functionality. It is the age of customization, and bespoke boxes are the rage everywhere. So, if you are not using them, you better switch to them without delay.

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